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Jane Austen characters - MBTI dissection into oblivion!

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This is a discussion on Jane Austen characters - MBTI dissection into oblivion! within the Book, Music, & Movie Reviews forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Sense and Sensibility: Elinor Dashwood: ISTJ Marianne Dashwood: INFP Edward Ferris: ISFJ Col. Brandon: INFJ Pride and Prejudice: Elizabeth Bennett: ...

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    Sense and Sensibility:
    Elinor Dashwood: ISTJ
    Marianne Dashwood: INFP
    Edward Ferris: ISFJ
    Col. Brandon: INFJ

    Pride and Prejudice:
    Elizabeth Bennett: INFJ
    Jane Bennett: ISFP
    Lydia Bennett: ESFP
    Mr. Darcy: ISTJ
    Mr. Bingley: ESFJ
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    For the characters that I know I agree for the most part.
    I'm just surprised that everyone has typed all the female characters as F's up until the last post.

    I would type Elizabeth Bennet as an INTJ/P because it takes her such a long time to realize that she is in love with Mr. Darcy. That is a very INTJ/P trait. Also she seems to think through situations more objectively than attachedly with other characters.
    Maybe I have a little bit of a bias as an INTP.
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    What about the movie/mini series versions? 1999's Mansfield Park, 2007's Persuasion, & 2005's Pride & Prejudice took some ( okay on MP alot) liberties on their personality. Which characters do you think stayed true to their book type personality and which do think were changed and what personality type did they change them to?

    2005 Elizabeth Bennett- infp, an outgoing infp, a lot of people type her enfp but she does a lot of solitary things, she's friendly and courteous but seems to need time to hide and recharge.
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    Sense and Sensibility:
    Elinor Dashwood - ISTJ
    Marianne Dashwood - ENFP
    Edward Ferris - ISTP
    Willoughby - ESTP Not an N, he's too outdoorsy and his perception of Brandon is only at face value
    Colonel Brandon - INTJ

    Pride and Prejudice
    Elizabeth Bennett - INFJ
    Mr. Darcy - INTJ
    Mr. Wickham - ESTP
    Jane Bennett - ISFJ
    Lydia Bennett - ESFP
    Mr. Bingley - ESFJ

    Mansfield Park
    Fanny Price - ISFJ
    Edmund Bertram - ISFP
    Henry Crawford - ESTP
    Mary Crawford - ESTP

    Emma Woodhouse - ENFP
    Mr. Knightly - INTP
    Jane Fairfax - ISFJ
    Frank Churchill - ENTP

    Northanger Abbey
    Catherine Morland - INFJ She too prone to fantasy novels to be an S, and does follow her values and beliefs, an idealist trait, she also tries to keep to her commitments, a J preference
    Henry Tilney - ENTP he too reads fantasy, and his disregard for protocol makes him more P than J (Catherine neerly calls him "strange" in the novel)
    John Thorpe - ESTP
    Isabella Thorpe - ESFP

    Anne Elliott -
    Frederick Wentworth - ENTP his forgiveness towards Anne parallels Henry's forgiveness to Catherine. He also attempts in instruct Louisa and Henrietta in the same manner.
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    Catherine as ISFP makes so much sense. Part of why Northanger Abbey is my favorite is because Catherine can be such a self-insert. lol

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    Elizabeth Bennet is an ENFP. She might need some time to recharge, but most ENFPs do. She also had "a lively, playful disposition, which delighted in anything ridiculous". That seems like a very ENFP description. Also, if she were an Introvert, she wouldn't have judged Mr. Darcy so quickly for being an introvert.

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    Does anyone else think Catherine Morland and Marianne Dashwood are INFPs or INFJs?
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    How VERY Interesting Elizabeth Bennett came out as INFJ.
    Not surprisingly though, the Mr. Darcy is real life, is a dick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shrili View Post
    Elizabeth Bennet is an ENFP. She might need some time to recharge, but most ENFPs do. She also had "a lively, playful disposition, which delighted in anything ridiculous". That seems like a very ENFP description. Also, if she were an Introvert, she wouldn't have judged Mr. Darcy so quickly for being an introvert.
    This is a good point... I think in the mini-series the actress plays the character like an INFJ, and the series was such a verbatim portrayal of the novel that it's almost hard for me to see the character played any other way & be as accurate. The recent film adaptation has Keira Knightley playing her like an ENFP though, but they leave out the heavier focus the character has on propriety in the novel. The obsession with propriety & good manners always makes me think Fe, or at least Je, and that's why I leaned towards INFJ. However, I suppose if you view "good manners" in the light of "extroversion" & not propriety, that may make ENFP more of an option.

    I also see her as N-dom over F-dom (why I rule out INFP) because she makes quick judgments based on immediate perceptions, as opposed to reasoning it out in an inner argument (as an F-dom is more likely to do). Being led primarily by her perceptions strikes me as P-dom, & in this case, an N-dom specifically. The quickness of judgement seems more like an INFJ than ENFP though, although she is much more open to changing that judgment (as new perceptions come in) than the typical INFJ.

    Her enneagram might shed some light, but I'm thinking she may be a 4w3, which is why she could arguably be almost any NF. The 3 wing also would explain the high consciousness of social reputation (not to mention the time period itself), as would the 4 integration at 1 (propriety from a moral standpoint).

    IDK, maybe I need to read the novel again. I always know that I see a big difference in the novel as compared to the film version when it comes to her character. The other characters are always pretty much the same (ie. Mr. Darcy seems INTJ in just about every version).


    My typings as of now (subject to change, of course :P):

    Sense and Sensibility:
    Elinor Dashwood - ISTJ 6w5 1w9
    Marianne Dashwood - ENFP enneagram 4w3
    Edward Ferris - ISFP enneagram 9w1
    *I go with ISFP for him because he's a laid-back guy who can't break his promise (the secret engagement) due to a reason that sounds like "moral obligation" (strikes me as Fi; no one else but him would blame him for breaking it off). However, he also doesn't really stand up to anyone regarding what he wants personally. This is typical e9, which could be ISFP or ISFJ though.

    Willoughby - ExxP enneagram 3w4
    *Someone pointed out that he could be ESTP... that's an interesting idea. I guess I always saw him as the same type as Marianne, which is why they click so fast. I can see him being more of a "phony" romantic though. I retract him being a 4....I think 3 fits better, in which case, he could be ESTP.

    Colonel Brandon - INFJ enneagram 1w2... maybe a 4 instead? 4w5?

    Pride and Prejudice
    Elizabeth Bennett - INFJ or ENFP enneagram 4w3?
    Mr. Darcy - INTJ enneagram 5w4 6w5

    Mr. Wickham - ESTP

    Mansfield Park
    Fanny Price - INFP 9w1
    Edmund Bertram - ENFJ 1w2
    Henry Crawford - ESTP 7w6
    Mary Crawford - ENTP 3w2

    Emma Woodhouse - ESFP
    Mr. Knightly - ESTJ 1w2
    *I've decided its his enneagram that emphasizes a concern for others in his personality. I've decided its more about a sense of duty in him than an emotional identification with others.

    Northanger Abbey
    Catherine Morland - ISFP 9w1
    Henry Tilney - ENTJ enneagram ?

    Anne Elliott - INFJ enneagram 1w2
    Frederick Wentworth - ENTP enneagram 7w?

    Captain Benwick - INFP
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    Sense and Sensibility:
    Elinor Dashwood - xSFJ (I can see why she's always typed as an introvert, but she could be a quiet extrovert. She has no problem with making friends or talking to people)
    Marianne Dashwood - INFP (I honestly don't really get where you guys see Marianne's extroversion. She has a major preference for solitary activities, and has little tolerance with people. Plus, she has no friends and lives in her own little bubble. And cares about dead leaves! Most young INFPs are like that)
    Edward Ferrars - ISFP
    Willoughby - ESxP
    Colonel Brandon - INxJ

    Pride and Prejudice
    Elizabeth Bennet - INFJ (especially in the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, if anyone here knows the show - she's sociable and open and fun, but she needs alone time, like in Lydia's party. Very INFJish characterization in general)
    Mr. Darcy - INTJ

    Mansfield Park
    Fanny Price - ISFP
    Edmund Bertram - xSxJ
    Henry Crawford - ExTx
    Mary Crawford - ENTP

    Emma Woodhouse - ESFP
    Mr. Knightly - ISTJ

    Northanger Abbey
    Catherine Morland - IxFP
    Henry Tilney - ISTP

    Anne Elliott - ISFJ
    Frederick Wentworth - ENTP


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