Write a haiku about yourself/your personality...

Write a haiku about yourself/your personality...

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This is a discussion on Write a haiku about yourself/your personality... within the Critical Thinking & Philosophy forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Heres mine: There was a girl named Abigail Tweed Who had smoked a bit too much weed We all saw ...

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    Write a haiku about yourself/your personality...

    Heres mine:

    There was a girl named Abigail Tweed
    Who had smoked a bit too much weed
    We all saw her scuttle
    Away from a puddle
    For she had undoubtedly peed

    Ooops. Sorry. Limerick/Haiku. Whichever.
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    Technically, this is a limerick. Not that I have anything against limericks. They are fun and often interesting (and more often a tad bawdy).

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    Since limericks are deemed OK, here's mine...

    Tree Talk:
    Do you think you could talk to a tree,
    in the same way that you'd talk to me?
    A tree doesn't mind, it is strong, it is kind,
    It has no emotions, you see?

    To talk to a person is tough.
    A person is prone to be rough.
    Easily offended, not easily mended,
    sometimes nothing is ever enough.

    People are often too thick,
    to know that to life, there's a trick.
    That it's all in the giving, that makes life worth living,
    it's what sorts out the dead from the quick.

    Most humans think they are alone.
    And thinking this makes many moan.
    It is all so unfair! I don't fit! I don't care!
    Thus a beating heart turns into stone.

    But really, it isn't like that.
    I am not talking out of my hat.
    Can a person be calm, and turn off the alarm,
    can he stop thinking he smells a rat?

    A crow is a fine thing to be.
    I find being a crow sets me free.
    Crows don't take offense, don't get angry, or tense,
    No-one minds when I talk to a tree.

    Have you ever conversed with some wood?
    Do you think it might do you some good?
    Although people may laugh, and may think you are daft,
    if you haven't yet tried it, you should!
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    Here's my personality haiku:
    I hear a bird cry
    In trees outside my window
    I still want to sleep.

    On a slightly related note, here's a fun limerick I heard a while back:
    There was a young woman from Blight
    Who traveled much faster than light
    She set out one day, in a relative way,
    And returned on the previous night.
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    Crow unafraid of human.
    Human consider this.
    Human become what he admire.
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    billowing bay leaves
    cast fragmented moon shadows
    do I really care?
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