[ENTP] like and dislike in each type

like and dislike in each type

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This is a discussion on like and dislike in each type within the ENTP Forum- The Visionaries forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; what do you like and dislike in each type ?...

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    like and dislike in each type

    what do you like and dislike in each type ?

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    Unknown Personality

    I like INFJ's because they're mysterious, cute and clever. For example, they know that ENTP's have 'debates' not 'arguments', so to speak, and with a little extra help from their intuition and gut feelings they can perry with ENTP's intellectual games.

    What I don't like about them is that they often just presume that they know 'what's best' and continue to offer their advice even if it wasn't originally asked (and then they frustratingly resume to think that their offering was special, claiming to do it only for those they really care for).
    For example, they might post their opinion on a board when it bleedingly obvious that the question was not directed at them, nor does it add to any insight regarding the original post.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    ENTP: I love that we have a knack for understanding new information and our creativity. When we are interested in something we will follow it with a burning intensity if it has benefit. I hate that we easily lose interest in things especially if a new more interesting things comes along. I also hate that we seem to share a disconnected sort of feeling from other people.

    ISTJ: I hate the fact that they are so rigid and seem to mostly think of negative possibilities as opposed to positive or more realistic ones. On the plus side though they are loyal and responsible. My bonds with these types are very solid. Even if some of their habits are irritating to me at times I know that their hearts are always in the right place and can't stay mad at them.

    ENFP: I love the fact that they have their own set of morals and stick to them. Behaviors tend to vary amongst them but all in all I love that they are honest about how they feel and as a bonus we share a lot of similarities. I hate when they get too emotional and they tend to involve their feelings where they are not needed. I can understand to an extent but I still don't care for it.

    INFP: I love that they are creative and passionate. I share a lot of similarities with my INFP friend in regards to our creative process. Even if she is a bit out there with hers I totally get it. I hate their emotions however and they are a bit stubborn at times when it comes to them.

    ISFJ: Theres something about this type that I like a lot. Even if it may take time to get to know them and even if they may think us ENTP's are ridiculous at first they come around and we can understand one another very easily. Communication is fairly smooth from the beginning and they are very caring as well. Can't say I hate anything about this type yet.

    ESTP: I know an ESTP however he seems a bit neurotic and possibly has some kind of personality disorder, im leaning towards narcissistic. He even described himself as relating to sociopaths. On that note my judgment on how ESTP's behave is clouded so I will simply say: I love that we have so much in common in terms of our world view as well our sense of humor and observations. I hate the things mentioned before what I said I liked.

    INFJ & ISFP: I haven't met either in person but I enjoy conversing with INFJ's and I feel like their Ni insights are interesting and offer a lot of insight there tend to be small misunderstandings but all in all I get a lot from them. I more so enjoy observing ISFPs as opposed to talking to them. I like their artistic and passionate nature and it's not that I don't like interacting with them, it's just that I don't tend to feel like I get much out of the exchange.
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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    Like - We rock at bullshitting, AND we're the most clever type.
    Dislike - All that Ne floating around can cause us to become rather unsociable at times.

    Like - Their undying love for philosophy.
    Dislike - An utter lack of charisma.

    Like - They're often just as ingenious as we are, but they actually FOLLOW THROUGH on their ideas.
    Dislike - Their love of power.

    Like - Their rampant use of sarcasm and appreciation for lolcats. Oh, and everything else, because they are above and beyond my favorite type.
    Dislike - That there are too few of them?

    Like - They're just like us!...Except more compassionate and lovable.
    Dislike - Their use of emotions to rationalize situations.

    Like - Great novelists, playwrights, and poets...well, some of them.
    Dislike - Their incessant moodiness. And shitty taste in music.

    Like - Their charisma.
    Dislike - Sometimes they seem phony.

    Like - The fact that they take a genuine interest in other people.
    Dislike - Their frequent interest in mysticism. Wtf.

    Like - They're fucking hilarious.
    Dislike - Biiiiiiiiig flirts.

    Like - Their impression of gregariousness...until they need their alone time.
    Dislike - I thought *I* was messy...

    Like - ...they're great at managing? (really, I am grasping at straws. ESTJ's are sooooooooo dislikable)
    Dislike - Everything else, especially their control issues.

    Like - They're dependable. And they would never break a promise.
    Dislike - Can't talk to them on any more than a superficial level.

    Like - They're easy to have a conversation with. Of course, the conversation probably won't revolve around anything I would actually take an interest in, but I can talk to an ESFJ for a while on a superficial level and enjoy it.
    Dislike - I'm not sure that I have met one IRL who is genuinely intelligent.

    Like - They're nurturers. They kiss my boo-boos when I take a misstep.
    Dislike - Obsessive about following tradition.

    Like - They're soooooooooo much fun to go out on the town with.
    Dislike - Superficiality, and their lack of understanding complex conversation.

    Never honestly met one that I can think of.
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    NPs: I dislike that they're hard to find.
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    ISFPs because they're usually pretty laid back.

    I/ESTJs because they like to do work that needs to get done that I personally dislike. Plus, they're competent, which is usually a big respect thing for me.

    INTJs and INTPs because they're the one of the few groups that can keep up/complement me intellectually.

    INFPs because they amuse me, and they tend to draw out parts of me I don't generally dwell on.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Quote Originally Posted by ceembee View Post

    Like - Their rampant use of sarcasm and appreciation for lolcats. Oh, and everything else, because they are above and beyond my favorite type.
    Dislike - That there are too few of them?
    My INTJ friend doesn't get what people see in lolcats. They're just weird-looking cats to her. Such a shame, though I still love her :). We can have conversations about the weirdest, most morbid things. I wish she'd relax and put herself out there a little bit more, though.

    Don't think I'm friends with any other NTs. Shame.

    I'll do the few that I know relatively well:

    ENFJ: Great fun to be around and are good friends - you never think they don't care about you. I like how they're charismatic and are always willing to put themselves out there. Dislike: Can be drama queens. You have to watch what you say or they get touchy, and having to help them through this emotional 'dark thoughts' business can get tiring.

    ESFP: Dayum, they know how to have fun and party. I can't really have deep conversations with them though: they don't seem to see the point in dwelling on that stuff.

    ISFJ: So, so kind and caring. How is it possible to be so nice? Tend to be great at decorating and picking out pretty things, seem to put an amount of effort into it I couldn't dream of. Dislike: Cannot actively dislike. But really, really hard to get a sense of the thinking individual underneath. Do they even exist...? Aside from the day-to-day likes and dislikes and concern for others, conversation is rather bland.

    ISTP: Nice and logical, to the point. The type of people who'll do cool shit with you, like blowing stuff up for the sake of science. Also when my technology isn't working, I know who to go and ask - they know a lot of detailed stuff. Dislike: Can be too cynical/apathetic about things, can be hard to engage with socially. Hidden ego actually rivals ENTP ego (but that might be a like 'cause you get the satisfaction of owning them at strategy games). ;)

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    INFP - The Idealists

    Quote Originally Posted by ceembee View Post

    Like - Great novelists, playwrights, and poets...well, some of them.
    Dislike - Their incessant moodiness. And shitty taste in music.

    Nah, I can't deny it. I steer clear from our music threads because they're filled with slow, soft, boring songs that I can only listen to for the first 30 seconds. I don't know if you're referring to that or you've seen a different genre of music in our threads, but when I see the aforementioned music in the INFP part of the forum it makes me wonder, "How do you guys live off this crap?"
    Or maybe it's just because I'm a teenager.
    As for the moodiness...
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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    Growing up I was closer to my dad who is an INFP than my mom who is an ESTJ. He would talk to me about philosophy and life, something which I appreciated a lot because it allowed me to explore my imagination more. However, when I got older and had an interest in business I enjoyed my mom's company a lot more since she would help me get things done. It all depends on the point in my life and the objectives I am chasing because a certain type may fit perfectly for that particular time. At this point in my life I'd enjoy more ISTJ, ESTJ, ESTP and ENTJ in my life who will get things done.

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    INTJ - The Scientists

    Likes: Very responsible and get things done correctly.
    Dislikes: Everything beyond that.

    Likes: Leadership, Great social skills, humble, dependable, well-rounded
    Dislikes: Pragmatism (I wish they were more like ENTJ who are magalomaniacs :P)


    Likes: Artistic talent
    Dislikes: I can't say anything 'cause I haven't gotten close to them


    Likes: talented (sports, singing, anything that requires the physical senses), kind, the best in interpersonal relationship
    Dislikes: can be too shallow, "purely present-oriented", doesn't think of the future


    Likes: Mechanical, aggressive, "street-smart"
    Dislikes: aggressive, and everything else!


    Likes: Uber gregarious, funny, energetic, fun-lovers
    Dislikes: Bullies, obnoxious, noisy, philanderer ("playboys, playgirls")


    Likes: Super duper kind, great cooks, "motherly" even those who are not females
    Dislikes: Super sensitive, very traditional in gender roles, in responsibilities, in following norms, and in following authorities

    Likes: Bubbly, caring, motherly, welcoming (from observation online)
    Dislikes: I couldn't tell any 'cause I haven't gotten close to them

    Likes: Deep, complex, very insightful, deeply warm, wise
    Dislikes: can become very super hypersensitive

    Likes: with "teacher" personality, childlike, not materialistic
    Dislikes: giving too much love without taking it

    Likes: intelligent, go-getters
    Dislikes: stubborn, anti-social


    Likes: with "powerful" aura, great leader, megalomaniac
    Dislikes: can be very intimidating, cold-blooded

    Likes: funny, intelligent, witty, abnormal, haha =)
    Dislikes: no sense of aesthetics


    Likes: super duper sexy, ingenious, firm, my Ni's bestfriend
    Dislikes: "Now you see him, now you don't", easily get bored, lazy


    Likes: charming, super kind, understanding, conversant, and interesting
    Dislikes: I can't think of anything 'cause I don't know her well-enough

    ENFP is the type I haven't met in real life and I haven't talked to online. But I'm curious to know one since from the theory, it says that this is one of my best match in love or in friendship.

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