Left Brain, Right Brain and IQ

Left Brain, Right Brain and IQ

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This is a discussion on Left Brain, Right Brain and IQ within the General Psychology forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; do you think IQ tests favor one side over the other? Right Brain vs. Left Brain...

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    Left Brain, Right Brain and IQ

    do you think IQ tests favor one side over the other?

    Right Brain vs. Left Brain
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    I would say left brain is favored in IQ tests. The majority of questions in conventional IQ tests deal with logic, math, or verbal reasoning. These are all left brain oriented questions. There are typically a few visual-spatial questions, which is in the domain of the right brain. The majority of questions though, favor the left brain.

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    They definitely favor left brain thinking. It's really unfair, and there should be more questions that favor right brain thinking. Instead of left brain thinking being favored, they should be equally favored.
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    I would say left brain thinking is favoured. I am right-brained dominant and historically, any IQ test results are all over the place. Not just in my scattered thought process, but in the answer system and IQ calculation system as well it seems. They seem far, far too biased and partial in my tastes. Who is the person that made the test, without ego, left brain/right brain bias and with enough understanding of neuro-science and the inherent nature of what constitutes intelligence in the human mind to devise a system to not accurately determine it, but measure something perhaps intangible, all the while overcoming the issue of the existence of other measurements of existence?

    I think IQ tests are all descended from the same ancestors, that is from the minds of a few people not devoid of bias and ego unlike anyone else in the human race. Apparently according to one test, I'm officially mentally retarded. Another says I'm above average intelligence. Which one to believe, which one is true? Are both true, are neither true? What do I do?
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    Left brain is favored for sure.
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    It's definitely left-biased. But then I contend a reasonably intelligent person should be good at both. I can never tell if I'm left-brained or right-brained. I don't think we're reducible to either/or. I'm good at logic, but horrendous at math. Good at English and Philosophy, as well as theoretical physics, but bad at applied physics. I'm good at music, but bad at visual arts. And by horrendous and bad, I don't actually mean "horrendous". I still score 90+ percentile on most standardized tests on math, etc. My last SAT math percentile was 99.
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    You should read Daniel H. Pink's "A Whole New Brain".

    He argues that academia and industry, not just IQ tests, has favored "Left-Brain-Directed" thinkers. He claims this has been the case for the past century.

    When I studied engineering, I was mystified how well some people could do with the subjects taught. I managed to get by, but I really felt like I was out of my element.

    Only recently have I begun to realize that the reason why I found university so hard is because I am naturally "Right-Brain-Directed". In fact, the five years of study had really damaged my psyche to some degree. I felt like my mind was suffocating when I finished school.
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    The left brain is more keen to things that would be on an IQ test (Math, Logic). The right brain is more for the arts.
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    Yes left brain is definitely favored.
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    I've never been a fan of the left brain vs right brain ideas. Never got into it.

    I do however like Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences =3

    I feel like thats a much more prudent way towards analyzing and expanding our overall intelligence XD

    Mind you, I had to look up his name before I posted this. One of those 'tip of the brain' sort of deals.
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