Pretty little liars

Pretty little liars

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This is a discussion on Pretty little liars within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; Anyone wants to type Pretty Little Liars characters?...

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    Unknown Personality

    Pretty little liars

    Anyone wants to type Pretty Little Liars characters?

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    Unknown Personality

    Let me try

    Spencer Hasting - ESTJ 3w2 Sp/Sx
    Hanna Marin - ESFP 6w7 Sx/So
    Emily Fields - ISFJ 9w1 So/Sp
    Aria Montgomery - INFP 4w3 Sx/Sp
    Alison Dilaurentis - Unhealthy ENFJ 3w4 Sx/Sp
    Caleb Rivers - ISTP Counter-phobic 6w5 Sp/Sx
    Toby Cavanaugh - ISFP 9w1 So/Sx
    Jenna Marshall - ENTJ 8w9 Sp/Sx
    Mona Vanderwaal - ESFJ 3w2 So/Sp
    Ezra Fitz - Is there a type for awful and boring?
    Ashley Marin - ENTP 3w2 Sp/Sx
    Ella Montgomery - ENFP 2w3 So/Sx
    Byron Montgomery - ENTP 6w7 Sx/Sp
    Mike Montgomery - IxFP 9w8 Sx/Sp
    Lucas - INFP 5w4 So/Sp
    Noel Khan - ESTP 7w8 Sx/Sp
    Sean - ESFJ 1w2 So/Sp
    Melissa Hastings - ISTJ 1w9 Sp/So
    Veronia Hastings - ESTJ 8w9 Sp/So
    Peter Hastings - ENTJ 8w9 Sp/Sx
    Jason Dilaurentis - ISTP 6w7 Sp/Sx
    Ian - ESTP 8w7 Sx/Sp
    Garett - ISxJ 6w7 Sp/So
    Maya - INFP 4w3 So/Sp
    Paige - xxTJ 3w2 Sp/Sx

    Wow, there are so many characters hahaha. Some of them are wild guesses, btw.

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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Spencer: INFJ
    Hanna: ESFP
    Emily: ISFJ
    Aria: ENFP
    Alison: ISTP
    Caleb: ENTP… possibly ISTP
    Toby: ISFP
    Ezra: ENFJ
    Mona: ENTJ


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