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This is a discussion on Battlestar Galactica! within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; Laura Roslin: ISFJ Kara Thrace: ESTP (unsure) Will Adama: ENxJ Lee Adama: IxFJ Saul Tigh: ISTP? Ellen Tigh: ESFJ (another ...

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    Laura Roslin: ISFJ
    Kara Thrace: ESTP (unsure)
    Will Adama: ENxJ
    Lee Adama: IxFJ
    Saul Tigh: ISTP?
    Ellen Tigh: ESFJ (another 'evil' one )
    Caprica 6: xNxJ
    Gaius Baltar: ENTP
    Athena: ISxP
    Helo: IxFJ

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    Unknown Personality

    Laura Roslin: INFJ
    Kara Thrace: ISTP (daredevil)
    Will Adama: INFJ (he's too much of a deep-thinker to be an Se)
    Lee Adama: INFP (sweet, caring dude, not super anal about shit)
    Saul Tigh: ISTJ (blunt hardass, not so good with people)Ellen Tigh: ESFJ (melodramatic psycho)
    Caprica 6: INFJ (though, she's a frakin' cylon for crying out loud)
    Gaius Baltar: ENTP ...He acted like I would often, outgoing but comes off as arrogant and abrasive, generally dismissive of the authority structure, kind of awkward yet able to score hot babes like it was his second nature.
    Helo: ISFJ
    Felix Gaeta: ENTP ... I feel like I can relate to this character (besides Baltar) more than any other on the show. We learn about his myriad intellectual curiosities in the final scene before he is executed. Also, the way he would act out aboard Galactica reeked of arrogant smugness and a general know-it-all attitude, exactly how I end up behaving when I'm subjected to working in a rigidly-structured environment.
    Chief Tyrol: ISTJ (maybe ISFJ??) ... he seemed pretty loyal and self-sacrificing until all the stress and misfortune took a big enough toll on him to make him go completely nuts and lose touch with reality.
    Cally: ISFP (artsy space cadet hipster demeanor, actor seemed to be playing herself)
    Cavil: Textbook INTJ
    Anders: ESTJ (typical alpha male jock persona)

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    Gaius Baltar: ENTP
    Felix Gaeta: ENTP
    Samuel Anders: ESTJ
    Karl "Helo" Agathon: INFJ
    Saul Tigh: ISFJ
    Ellen Tigh: ESFJ
    Chief Tyrol: ISTJ
    "Apollo" Lee Adama: INFP
    Will Adama: ISTJ
    Cally: ISFP
    Admiral Helena Cain: ENTJ
    Cavil (John): INTJ
    Laura Roslin: INFJ
    "Starbuck" Kara Thrace: ISTP

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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    Bringing this back from the dead...

    Laura Roslin: INFJ
    Bill Adama: ISTJ
    Kara Thrace: ENTP. Ne, Ti, Fe, Si seems pretty accurate. She basically survives on her intuition.
    Lee Adama: IxFJ. Probably INFJ, he doesn't seem much like an ISFJ to me, and very developed Fe as he sometimes chides fellow INFJ Laura for being heartless.
    Caprica 6: INFJ, again.
    Gaius Baltar: ENTP
    Karl Agathon: ISFJ. Definitely identified with him the most.
    Sharon Agathon: ISFx
    Saul Tigh: ISTx
    D'anna Biers: ENTJ
    Chief Tyrol: ISTJ
    Sam Anders: ESTJ

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    ISTP - The Mechanics

    Spoilers ahead.


    Bill Adama: ISTJ
    Laura Roslin: INFx. I had been pretty solidly in the INFP camp for a while, but it's also quite difficult to not see her as an Ni user.
    Kara Thrace: ESTP
    Lee Adama: INFP
    Gaius Baltar: ENTP
    Number Six: INxJ, probably T. I like to compare and contrast 6 and 1 as INTJ's who've turned good and bad, respectively.
    John Cavil/Number One: INTJ
    Leobon Conoy/Number Two: INFJ
    D'Anna Biers/Number Three: ENTJ
    Sharon/Number Eight: ISFx, probably J
    Karl Agathon: ENFJ
    Saul Tigh: xSTJ, probaby E
    Ellen Tigh: ENFJ
    Samuel Anders: ESFP (side note, I'm really curious why so many are putting him down as an ESTJ)
    Chief Galen Tyrol: xSFJ
    Helena Cain: ENTJ
    Felix Gaeta: INFP
    [Gaeta shares a last cigar and conversation with Baltar]
    Felix Gaeta: I suppose a long time ago, it was... architecture. There was a year there where I scribbled floor plans on everything. Dining room table, patio tiles, rare books... drove my parents crazy.
    Gaius Baltar: How old were you?
    Gaeta: I dunno. Uh, eight, maybe? Nine? [chuckles] I tell you one thing, though. I had some pretty frakking amazing ideas. Restaurants shaped like food. Hm? [chuckles again] Oh, gods, top-heavy buildings and stairways... everything, everything had to have a stairway. [refills Baltar's cup of coffee] Spoils of war. [sighs] When I was older, then it became medicine, engineering, photography. Think I would've made a better architect than any of those, though. And then I discovered science and I... thought I was really, really good at it. Until I met you.
    Baltar: [fighting back tears] Felix...
    Gaeta: [shakes his head] No. And please, no religion. [pauses] I'm fine with how things have worked out. Really, Gaius, I am. I... I just hope... I hope that... people realize, eventually, who I am.
    Baltar: I know who you are, Felix. I know who you are.

    Romo Lampkin: ISTP
    Dr. Sherman Cottle: ENTJ
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    Unknown Personality

    I just finished season 2, and will show you my typings. I have not read any of yours yet, but I look forward to it!

    William Adama: ISTJ KINGDOM
    Lee Adama: ESTJ
    Laura Roslin: INFJ
    Gaius Baltar: ENTP
    Kara Thrace: ESTP

    Saul Tigh: ISFJ
    Louanna Katraine: ISTP
    Billy Keikeya: ISFJ
    Anastasia Dualla: INTJ
    Felix Gaeta: ISTJ
    Galen Tyrol: ISFJ
    Cally Tyrol: ISFP

    Helena Cain: ENTJ EMPIRE

    Number One: INTP
    Number Four: INFJ / INTJ
    Number Six (the one in Gaius' head): ISFP
    Number Eight: INTJ

    @Randroth: INFP for Lee and Gaeta is really, really interesting. I have to contemplate it a little before making my desicion!
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    Rewatching this series, and based on cognitive functions:

    Adama - ESTJ; his first reaction is always logical and to organize (control) the world around him, followed by tradition and no nonsense.

    Roslin - INFJ; open to new possibilities, very analytical, but tons of Fe.

    Lee - ISFJ; plays peacemaker a lot, wants everyone to win, references the past quite a bit, grounded, Fe lets him to connect to others and have empathy for their plight.

    Starbuck -- ESTP; acts before she thinks (but is often right on the money), is really good with Se-driven things, reckless, lives in the moment; can come up with battle tactics no one else thought of (Ti); Fe - looks after everyone else, disconnect from her own emotions; Ni -- her return trip to Caprica for a fracking arrow.

    Athena -- I'm torn between ISFP and ISTP. Her affair in spite of the problems it may cause seems more Fi than Ti, who would be more hesitant about the consequences.

    Gaius Baltar -- Fi all over the place. Totally selfish, self-absorbed, cares only about his own wants and needs. But he has a lot of natural charm (Extroverted), some intuition (Ni, although Six has to lead him there half the time), and yet is kind of reckless (Se) and short-sighted so -- ENTJ. Only type with all the functions that fit, really. (Don't see Si in him at all, or Ne, and certainly no Fe.)

    Six -- she's hard. I'm leaning toward a really twisted INFJ, since she seems to have Ti, constantly challenging the very practical, very by the book Baltar to consider other possibilities. (Maybe SHE is the ENTP?)

    Saul -- ISTJ, totally by the book.

    His wife -- ESFP. She's reckless and lives in the moment, but is emotionally-driven, too.

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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    I am resurrecting this thread, because BSG is awesome. Enough said. I think it's tough to type some of the characters since a lot of them are military...which seems like it would be an "SJ" organization, so the character personalities may be colored by this when they are "on the job." So here is my stab at it:

    Bill Adama - ISFJ: he lets his personal feelings about people cloud his judgement all the time. I think by nature of his position he takes it upon himself to be more rational sometimes, but his natural decision-making is feelings-based.

    Laura Roslin - INFJ: Open to big ideas and mysticism. Very un-sensor-like. Like Adama, her position forces her to make more impersonal decisions and act like an INTJ sometimes.

    Lee Adama - ISFP or ISFJ: I guess I could see him being either.

    Kara Thrace - ESTP: Crazy, brash, a hot mess, and wonderful.

    Gaius Baltar - ENTP: He fumbles around in most situations. He is brilliant, but also quite disorganized.

    Chief Tyrol - ISTJ: I don't see him as terribly introverted, but he dealt with stress by holding it in until he exploded, which could signify ISTJ.

    Karl Agathon - ISFJ: Dutiful, loyal, caring. He is easy, I think.

    Saul Tigh - ESTJ: I don't think he introspects enough to be introverted. He also enjoys going out all the time with his wife to strip clubs.

    Ellen Tigh - ESFJ: Definite extrovert. Another easy one.

    Head Six - INTJ: I found her difficult. Definitely INxJ. Couldn't decide on feeling or thinking...but probably thinking.

    Helena Cain - ENTJ: I had to add this because...yes. Very ENTJ.
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    ISFJ - The Nurturers

    Also, I just noticed that with the typings as I did them, it makes sense why Roslin-Adama would work easier as a couple than Lee-Starbuck. R-A share 3/4 preferences, while L/S only share 1 or 2...creates a lot of communication challenges.

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