What type is Walter Bishop on Fringe?

What type is Walter Bishop on Fringe?

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This is a discussion on What type is Walter Bishop on Fringe? within the Guess the type forums, part of the What's my personality type? category; Walter Bishop, the quirky lab rat..... I wonder if he is ENTP OR INTP? What do you think?...

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    What type is Walter Bishop on Fringe?

    Walter Bishop, the quirky lab rat.....

    I wonder if he is ENTP OR INTP?

    What do you think?

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    I'd say INTP. He gives me some really strong INTP vibes.

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    ENTP - The Visionaries

    It's hard to tell with half his brain missing. I feel like he's an ENTP lobotomized into... whatever he is now. But he seems to get a lot of his thinking energy from working with people - he needs to be with Peter, Olivia, Astrid, or (formerly) Dr. Bell to do his best work, and not just because he needs looking after. He feeds off their presence, intellectually and emotionally, I believe. He hates being alone.

    But obviously, the brain thing hides the aspects of his personality which would make his type most identifiable.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I think he would be ENTP. He may seem like he's INTP because of the few amount of people he actually talks with, but he still needs these people around to energize himself and to bounce ideas off of. I can't think of a time when Walter was actually figuring something out by himself and did everything without the help of at least one other character (or just one other character being near him).
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    ISFP - The Artists

    INTP, and I believe Peter is ENTP.

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    ENFP - The Inspirers

    E as others said, because he needs their company - but we cannot know what he was before.

    I'm not sure about the middle parts; perhaps an F because of how easily his feelings/urges influence his decisions - but DEFINITELY a P!! lol

    I'd say an ESFP :D

    Why have I never ever spoken to an ESFP, even on the forums?
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    INFJ - The Protectors

    Walter - definitely dominant 'N.' Though you see some Ni in the way he reaches conclusions, he most clearly demonstrates Ne in the way he speaks and approaches problems.

    Let's type the rest of the cast.

    Peter - ENTJ - very decisive and planned and prone to arriving at conclusions, as opposed to leaving things open ended, making him a J. Se is also apparent, but look at how he puts things together and comes to ideas - very Ni. His Se is for survival not inextricably linked to his persona.

    Olivia - hard to say - but she also gives off the J persona. She is very organized and decisive and yet not meticulous. Also, she's very ninja, showing Se, but, like Peter, it's not inextricably linked to her personality. Ni seems very distinctively present, but it doesn't dominate her judging. She's also blunt and straight forward, unafraid of confrontation, and yet she seems very altruistic prone to look out for others. I gotta go with ENFJ...

    Astrid - ISFJ all the way. She's very organized and detail oriented - also very logical, showing Ti. Her Ti doesn't overwhelm her Fe, though. She is very ethical and agreeable, and has that nurturing, motherly thing going on.

    Phillip Broyles - ISTJ or INTJ. He seems very detail oriented - facts and figures and bottom lines and doesn't like weirdness. INTJ's seem not to be put off by weirdness, whereas ISTJs (though not all of them) tend to hate weirdness (ESTJs even more so, though.) I guess his presence in the FBI kind of seems ironic, esp. in this show, if he doesn't like weirdness, though. Hmmm... I gotta go with ISTJ, though. Very dependable, straight forward, decisive, rigid...ISTJ.

    Nina Sharp - ENTJ, all the way. What else could she be? Definitely not an I, not an S, NOT a P, and definitely not an F.

    Lincoln Lee - ISFJ? Hmm...not sure
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    I've watched a few episodes and thus far, these are the points I've noted about them.

    Olivia Dunham - INFJ - Emotional pleas, intuitive, driven, naive, introverted, collected, hard on herself, feels very strongly as part of her nature and intuition, she doesn't extrovert her thoughts in a linear fashion. I did consider she maybe an XNFP because she has a problematic relationship with her past, Si, and seems to draw from it un/healthily as well as taking some tangents that seem more Ne-Si at times. There's this strong sentimentality to her yet the actress playing her gives off an INFJ vibe. Maybe it's true for INFJs? I don't know what it is with female leads but the manner in which the show is continuing suggests that it is highly likely they'll make her out to be some Mary Sue at some point... boring. Maybe they need to expand on her past to justify some of her correct assertions? Either way, her past is clearly important and it is likely that this will be pivotal at some point. Hazarding a guess, her father is involved in these experiments and she has been experimented with.

    Phillip Broyles - XNTJ - Often ahead of Olivia, knows how to delegate, looks for patterns and talent, keeps information close to himself, clearly strategic and manages various commitments at once, barely shows feelings until he feels strongly and then he's not entirely logical. There's a lot more to come with him, I'm certain.

    Peter Bishop - ISTP - High IQ but cavalier about it, know-it-all, independent, introverted, frank, sceptic, low Fi and flexible morals, mechanic ~ 'I can make anything work', poker player who's great with Se cues, 'small-minded' according to his father although his Ni is developed and his interests are vast, Fe all the time even if it doesn't control his behaviour there's an innate understanding and influene that is easy for him, flighty, lazy dress sense that allows his intelligence to be overlooked, etc. He admires Olivia's more decisive Ni and her ability to go with this, maybe it's a tertiary admiration but he clearly also likes her Fe capacity, he's fascinated by the combination. All in all, he fits the smart ISTP profile perfectly. Compare and contrast him with his father, there are many similarities - they understand each other very well. Why? That Ti, but he's not as prone to looking at the big picture or as interested in all the links he spots that allows an Ne to contemplate and experiment with them. He's much more prone to the here and now - i.e. Se.

    Walter Bishop - INTP - Probably has AS, in addition to everything else. Clearly a P in that organised chaos INTPs exhibit, I didn't note all the factors that contribute to this profile since they're overwhelming.

    Nina Sharp - EXFJ - Fe is clear and not just because she was inappropriately Fe at times, possibly an N since she drops hints without giving much away but doesn't seem Ne - granted, I haven't seen much of her yet and imagine there is much more to her. She's not very subtle either but it may just be the actress that rubs me up the wrong way.

    Astrid - She seems very much an ISFJ.
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    INTJ - The Scientists

    I used to be obsessed with Fringe!

    I always got an INTP vibe from Walter.

    Don't read the spoilers if you haven't watched and don't want to know anything about future story lines! (They are not spoilers per se, but future plots).

    Interestingly though, "Walternate" seems more J. I wonder which one is closer to the "real" Walter (before he lost half his brain).

    I can't tell if Olivia is an NF or a broken NT. There are plenty of episodes where she seems compelled to follow evidence over anything else, and then she kinda breaks later because she pushed so hard to get to the bottom of a case.
    Again I'd have to think about her alternate and piece things together.

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    Nah, no way she's an NT. I originally thought she was an SF, then NFP, the NFJ. There's no NT vibe about the way she carries out her investigations. She personalises in a very feeling rather than rationale or pre-existing logical way. The times where it's evidence based is her following Ni and everything that agrees with her hunches. It isn't logical to say professional NFs don't follow the evidence.

    I never looked at the spoilers though.

    I just finished watching episode 7. LOL it was obvious the wife was in on it.
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