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INFP Learning Style

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    INFP Learning Style

    INFP's Learning Style

    INFPs learn best by studying, reflecting, exchanging ideas and linking them to other ideas to form new patterns of understanding.

    To them, learning is a way of expanding their horizons and a path towards growth and development. They prefer to learn in an unstructured manner, and a friendly, co-operative atmosphere in which exploration and discovery are encouraged is a prerequisite for their success. They enjoy playing with ideas, experimenting with possibilities and thinking around their subject. They become absorbed in a subject deeply and read as much about it as they can. For them to become involved in the learning process, their imagination needs to be stimulated, so they benefit from reading, video, inspiring lectures, workshops and group discussions. Analysis and concentration on facts and details tends to demotivate them.

    As learners, INFPs:

    - are quick to grasp ideas and possibilities

    - are motivated to learn in order to further their own and other people’s development

    - enjoy abstraction and seeing patterns emerge by linking disparate ideas together

    - tend to allow their creativity and inspiration free reign

    - may need to set themselves targets and timetables

    - benefit from developing judgement, criticism and objectivity

    - benefit from periodically reviewing and summarising what they have learnt

    INFPs are most comfortable learning when:

    - experiencing new problems or learning opportunities

    - allowed to generate ideas without constraints of policy or structure or feasibility

    - required to engage in solitary work, e.g. reading, writing, thinking

    - allowed or encouraged to watch/think/check over activities

    - able to stand back from events and listen and observe, e.g. observing a group at work, taking a back seat in a meeting, watching a video

    - allowed to think before acting or to assimilate before commenting

    - given time to prepare, or read in advance

    - allowed to reach a decision in their own time without pressure and tight deadlines

    - acquiring knowledge that is part of a system, model, concept, theory

    - offered interesting ideas and concepts even though these are not immediately relevant

    INFPs are least comfortable when:

    - forced into the limelight, e.g. to act as leader or to role-play in front of onlookers

    - involved in situations which require action without planning

    - given instructions about how things should be done, with little room for manoeuvre

    - asked to repeat essentially the same activity over and over again, e.g. when practising a task

    - asked to attend to detail or tie up loose ends

    - faced with a lot of alternative techniques without any being explored in depth

    Source: INFP Learning Profile
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    INFP - The Idealists

    If only my teachers had read this and known I was an INFP; school would have been so much more enjoyable! DX


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