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    Life Purpose Calculator

    I've enjoyed most of Dan Millman's works, especially "The Laws of Spirit" (book) and "Peaceful Warrior" (film).

    I came across the Life Purpose Calculator on Millman's website. Regardless of what I think of the calculator, much of the advice in his book "The Life You Were Born to Live" is very helpful when he describes the different Laws (Law of Flexibility, Choices, Responsibility, Cycles, etc...).

    Please share your result. Thanks!


    I got: 33/6

    Those on the 33/6 life path are here to work through issues of perfectionism, emotional expression, and self-doubt in order to bringforward their inspiring vision of life’s possibilities, while appreciating the innate perfection of the present moment. This world contains both beauty and ugliness, kindness and cruelty. Those working 33/6 energy, with their high ideals and acute sensitivity, tend to feel disheartened by the problems and imperfections of the world, but they suppress their sadness and even their anger as they attempt to “do the right thing” due to their high standards. Ironically, even with their depth of emotions, 33/6s can appear cool and unemotional. The lives of 33/6s grow brighter when they realize that their visions, hopes, and high ideals are here to inspire them, not become the yardstick by which they measure the world. They need to appreciate that in the world of form, no perfect person, performance, or product exists; they also need to appreciate and express their vision of the inherent or higher level of perfection already existing in the world.

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    3: Expression
    1: Creativity

    4: Stability
    All digits have an influence — but the
    bolded issue is key to your hidden calling.

    Those on the 31/4 or 13/4 life path are here to work through issues of stability, creativity, and emotional expression, learning to channel their energy in constructive ways and to master a step-by-step process to their goals. Since our life purpose doesn’t come easily, 31/4s have to overcome self-doubt and insecurity to develop the confidence necessary to follow a long, sometimes arduous process to reach their goals. Until then, they operate on hopes, wishes, or enthusiastic illusions. Since both 31/4s and 13/4s are here to ground their energy and develop secure foundations, they often confront tendencies toward instability and lack of commitment, which run counter to their life purpose. The combination of strong foundation energy, creative energy, and expressive energy gives 31/4s and 13/4s a well-balanced, synergistic blend of strength, sensitivity, and creativity. This blend of energies, combined with a drive for security and strong ambitions, creates a multifaceted potential for success. When these qualities and drives are working in harmony, 31/4s and 13/4s can accomplish their highest aspirations.
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    3: Expression
    0: Inner Gifts
    3: Expression

    Those on the 30/3 life path are here to work through issues of expression and sensitivity, overcoming self-doubt to express themselves and use their inner gifts to encourage, uplift, and inspire others. Most people come into life to work a mixture of energies, but for 30/3s, their work and destiny are clear and focused. Those working 30/3 have the support of inner gifts, which include highly tuned sensitivity, inner strength, expressiveness, and intuition. All of these resources complement and support one major life theme: emotional expression.

    I always doubt the reliability of such tests, but always find them interesting.
    This is accurate for me, though some may say that this is contradictory to the nature of an INTJ.
    But not for an art major.
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    4: Stability
    3: Expression

    7: Trust
    All digits have an influence — but the
    bolded issue is key to your hidden calling.

    Those on the 34/7 or 43/7 life path are here to work through issues of trust, patience, and emotional expression and to have faith in the spiritual process operating within their life, establishing security by finding practical ways to contribute to others. Both these life paths present the opportunity of blending the incisive mind of 7s with the down-to-earth practicality of mature 4s and the sensitivity and expressiveness of 3s. Since our life purpose always offers some tests and hurdles, 34/7s and 43/7s may feel their energies in conflict, polarized, and pulling in different directions: While 7 tends to pull them “upward,” into the higher mind or in some cases into metaphysical interests and practices, 4 tends to pull them “downward,” into daily life, family, and practical business concerns. As these 7 and 4 energies mature and integrate, they form a powerful synthesis, enabling 34/7s and 43/7s to build a kind of bridge between heaven and Earth in creative ways, such as making money while bringing more beauty, happiness, or awareness into the world.
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    4: Stability
    0: Inner Gifts
    4: Stability

    Those on the 40/4 life path are here to establish secure foundations in their life by following a gradual process to their goals, applying their inner gifts in a spirit of service on behalf of people or causes they value. Like 20/2s and 30/3s, 40/4s have a very focused life purpose, undiluted by other numbers and energies. Because our central purpose rarely comes easily, many 40/4s may have trouble feeling grounded or following a long, sometimes arduous process to reach their goals. They may skip or ignore necessary steps, or feel stuck in situations that no longer work. Individuals working 40/4 need to develop a pattern of success by making short-term commitments and following through, gradually expanding the time frame until long-term commitments become feasible. In the same manner, by breaking down big goals and plans into small steps and focusing on completing one step before going to the next, 40/4s create an inner foundation and process that supports them throughout their life.
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    I got 33/6 as well. What are the odds? (quite high I suspect).

    Each year, month, day adds 1 to the first and second numbers. I haven't worked out the base conditions, but 01/01/1600 doesn't give a proper result, so...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snow Leopard View Post
    I got 33/6 as well. What are the odds? (quite high I suspect).

    Each year, month, day adds 1 to the first and second numbers. I haven't worked out the base conditions, but 01/01/1600 doesn't give a proper result, so...
    There are 37 possible results. If you go to the Amazon page for his book and click on the picture of his book, you can scroll through the table of contents showing the 37 results, plus read the beginning chapter explaining how the result is obtained.

    The author states that you manifest your life purpose by focusing your attention on core issues and by generating specific action to transform key areas of your life.

    I didn't care too much for the numbers section of the book, but I really liked the laws in the latter section of the book. I realized that it wasn't necessary to believe or understand life path numbers to gain a lot from this book.

    For 33/6, he recommends focusing on the law of flexibility, perfection, choices, intuition, and present moment.

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    3: Expression
    2: Cooperation
    5: Freedom
    All digits have an influence — but the
    bolded issue is key to your hidden calling.
    Those on the 32/5 or 23/5 life path are here to work through issues related to independence, emotional honesty, and cooperation, finally experiencing freedom through discipline and depth of experience. Since our life path presents hurdles to overcome, both 32/5s and 23/5s confront internal challenges, tendencies, and conflicts in areas of dependence and independence, responsibility, and honest expression of emotion. Both 32/5s and 23/5s are here to experience true freedom. The phrase true freedom implies the idea of false freedoms — for example, self-indulgence, irresponsibility, or license — when 32/5s or 23/5s insist on doing whatever they want to do, whenever they want to do it. Only those 32/5s and 23/5s who have not yet matured into a more positive expression of 5 strive for such “freedom.” The freedom sought by most 32/5s and 23/5s manifests as a drive to experience and know; this freedom entails a sense of mobility in different arenas of life — physical, mental, emotional, social, sexual, and financial. Those working 32/5 or 23/5 seek to explore opportunities and find adventure where they can, whether in life, in books, or at the movies.
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    3: Expression
    5: Freedom

    8: Recognition

    Those on the 35/8 life path are here to work through issues of emotional honesty, independence, and power, manifesting abundance, authority, and freedom achieved through discipline and depth of experience. Because our life purpose does not come easily, an inherent challenge for 35/8s involves the dynamic tension between drives for wealth, power, and respect and fears of these qualities. This inner conflict frames the life of 35/8s and manifests in both passive and aggressive tendencies; they either behave in a subdued, passive manner, or they act pushy, flamboyant, or even ruthless. One challenge for 35/8s lies in accepting and integrating the passive and aggressive parts of their makeup to form a more balanced and authentic self of acknowledged power and presence.

    I do wish to be recognized as conservative, yet free spirited, and theistic, but not religious.
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    I have to admit, I was skeptical ... but this is kind of fascinating.


    3: Expression
    9: Integrity
    1: Creativity
    2: Cooperation

    Those on the 39/12 life path are here to work through issues of creativity, cooperation, and integrity, expressing themselves through creative teamwork, aligned with higher wisdom, in a spirit of mutual cooperation. Examples of cooperative teams include the Wright brothers, Gilbert and Sullivan, Barnum and Bailey, Rogers and Hammerstein, and Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers; sports teams also represent a form of creative cooperation, producing together what they could not do as well, or at all, alone. Most 39/12s feel somehow different from other people, almost like outsiders. Due to their emotional sensitivity, combined with the unsettled sense of identity of 9s, 39/12s often suffer from self-doubt and vulnerability to others’ opinions. They may appear subdued or inhibited, but beneath their controlled persona bubbles an inspired passion for life and for making a difference. If withdrawn, 39/12s need to get out into the fray, to “stand up inside themselves,” and bring their energy into life despite others’ opinions.
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