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This is a discussion on Announcement - Changes to the Site within the Announcements forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Originally Posted by DavidH @ Maybe You listed changes to the site format, but never listed the end format. What's ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DavidH View Post
    @Maybe You listed changes to the site format, but never listed the end format. What's the comprehensive list of rules and sub-forums listing?
    This is what the site will look like

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    Quote Originally Posted by danthemanklein View Post
    Just joined at the weirdest time... even my first post was asking people what type they think what my type is. However, I can understand where you're coming from and rules are rules, first and foremost. Although, I'm still having so much trouble figuring out my type. I wonder what the future of this site could be after all these rule changes.
    Well now that you're here, we hope that it will be a good step forward to not only clean up the forum but also make everything towards a more politically-correct team biased environment where everyone is the same.

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    If yer willing to think ahead, tomorrow with be April 2 and all this will be over but we can ask for a continuance.
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    Btw @Maybe I love your avi, and readin9 your posts in his voice made my day. I vote that in honor of a more PC/ teamwork-oriented sitewide system, everybody should have their avi switched to match yours.
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    Even then if you are selected you are put in the "spotlight" and since the majority of users are introverts many turn it down or cry.
    dying. I've been battling hating group activities and lunches at work for months, i feel so understood here, whee!!
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    Finally! Some changes for the better...
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    Perfectly reasonable. Especially for today.
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    Honestly, I'm shocked that the 'mins let the current politically conservative climate get to them. I'll make sure the boys in blue hear about this.

    C'est la vie!
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    Attention you! All who don't know this day is special for you. You may carry on until you gain full recognition.
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