Moderator Nomination Episode 3

Moderator Nomination Episode 3

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This is a discussion on Moderator Nomination Episode 3 within the Announcements forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Greetings PersonalityCafe Members, It is time to nominate another moderator for the Cafe. Please nominate the individual that you want ...

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    Moderator Nomination Episode 3

    Greetings PersonalityCafe Members,

    It is time to nominate another moderator for the Cafe. Please nominate the individual that you want to see run for forum moderator.

    Please follow the rules when nominating...

    1. Cannot nominate yourself.
    2. The individual that your voting for must have at least 100+ post.
    3. Please state the individuals exact user name.
    4. You can choose to a maximum of 4 people
    5. You must have more than 15 post to qualify to nominate someone.
    6. NO DISCUSSION IN THIS THREAD. You can discuss issues you may have in the support/suggestion forum. I am trying to keep this thread clean.

    This thread will closed next week February 16, 2009 12:00am Pacific Time. I will choose the top 4 picks and I will hold a poll. Please follow the rules. Those who break the rules when nominating will get their post deleted.

    Remember that the responsibilities that a forum moderator will posses is the ability to delete spam, rule breaking post, sticky threads, close threads, and etc. They will also have the ability to give infractions, ban users and etc.

    They will be treated as regular members with special privileges. They are just here to moderate the forums. Those that abuse the power will have their privileges taken away. Don't be disappointed if you lose! You will get another shot at forum moderator in the next nominations.

    Good luck folks!

    Last edited by Happy; 02-09-2009 at 06:20 PM.

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    Another Mod already..

    1. Night (or Sifr or whatever she will be calling herself these days): TURNED DOWN
    2. (The one the only) Badwolf

    Rest to come.

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    I nominate Shanoxilt.

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    1) Trope
    2) Silhouetree
    3) Andywg
    4) JoeMetallic

    (Alanna doesn't have enough posts to qualify yet. )
    Any listed who do not wish to be nominated, please let me know so I can pick someone else to fill your slot.

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    I nominate Llixgrijb

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    1. Shanoxilt
    2. JoeMetallic
    3. Trope
    4. Calypso
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    Forgot about those guys

    2. shanoxilt
    3. andywg
    4. Calypso
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    Thanks Neph, but I've decided that I won't accept any nominations. Not now, anyway.

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    1. Wolf
    2. Trope
    3. Shan
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