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Looking for a graphic arts person.

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This is a discussion on Looking for a graphic arts person. within the Announcements forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; How do I not say aww to this...

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    How do I not say aww to this
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    There's nothing wrong with this theme, but like someone above mentioned, I would like the option of this theme to be inverted for night time scrolling. It would be so much easier on my eyes. Or some sort of built in option for the screen to change color aligned with your time zone for night time reading, like f.lux. That would be very practical, imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RubberDuckDudette View Post
    @Moonious @GIA Diamonds @Icy Heart @huhh @Magic Micah @darcstar3 @nicoloco90 @Schema B @WorldzMine @Occams Chainsaw

    We're starting a petition to change the PerC colour scheme, help me out here. :D I'm not sure how much support we need exactly but get some friends in on this!

    Yeah, I don't mind how the forum looks, but also wouldn't mind if they changed it a bit as long as they don't go overboard w/ overly bright colors or something.

    I'd rather they fix whatever causes the forum to lag when you check your notices. And really, really lag when you try to send a PM to someone. I'm sure that annoys *everyone* on the forum at least somewhat. But it's probably not an easy fix or it would have been corrected long ago?
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    @Jennywocky Did VS ever end up replying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RubberDuckDudette View Post
    @Jennywocky Did VS ever end up replying?
    Yes, there had apparently been some discussion on the back end about upgrading the site to a more modern look. Skins can't be decided until after that decision is clarified, and they were going to follow up on that.

    1. If they decide they're doing that, then we can't work on new skins until that is done.

    2. If that isn't done, then they can discuss new skins with their creative team to see if that is something they can do for us.
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    Guessing you never found one? lol

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    I saw a few offers and with how old this thread is, I'm guessing it just fell through. Bummer. I personally love the idea of theme options and having a dark one especially for the night owls that dwell on here (like myself).

    That being said, I am a graphic artist and ex-webmaster and I'd love to help out if the need or enthusiasm were to arise again. However, I'd like to note that I am new and in-experienced with this BB script. vBSEO.

    EDIT : I have now found the buried theme menu in the settings. However, the dark theme is in much need of tweaking and is kind of an eye-sore in my opinion. :x lol
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    Guys this is an old thread. Please stop bumping it.

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    We don't have a way to edit the themes anymore so I'm going to close the thread. If you have any ideas put them in Support

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