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This is a discussion on Old Personality Cafe Forum Rules (Archived) within the Announcements forums, part of the Personality Cafe category; Rule number 10 addendum to include deleting threads You cant delete threads, and threads will not be deleted ( by ...

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    Rule number 10 addendum to include deleting threads

    You cant delete threads, and threads will not be deleted ( by admins or mods) except under special circumstances. This is a public forum, so please use discretion when making posts and starting threads
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    Updates to rule numbers 2 and 5,

    #2 to include closed threads
    #5 to include chatroom/skype messages

    2. No Spamming

    Do not post copies of the same thread, the same thread to multiple subforums, or copy the same post to multiple threads. Avoid making empty "bump" posts or necroposting (bumping very old threads). Please refrain from appending ASCII logos, macros, memes or other taglines (manual signatures) to each of your posts. Never repost a thread that has been closed or deleted by a moderator.Reposting deleted posts is also not allowed.

    5. Respect User Privacy
    Do not post the contents of private messages/chatroom/skype messages ect on the open forum or share them with anyone without the permission of all parties involved. Additionally, we ask that you not reveal personal details about other users without their permission. This specifically includes acts like the posting of addresses or telephone numbers.

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    Update to rule 4. on having Multi accounts.

    4. Do Not Register Duplicate Accounts
    Each user is allowed one account. Please note that users who attempt to register multiple accounts may be placed onto the forum's blacklist automatically, which can have the effect of suspending all account function for each account associated with that user. Purposefully assuming multiple identities (sockpuppetry) will not be tolerated. Retiring an account and reopening a new account is viewed the same as creating multi-accounts and will not be allowed. Anybody who's retired an account that would like it to be reinstated can make such a request via the contact us link at the bottom of the Personality Cafe homepage. If you create more than one account, the new account may be merged with your primary account, or the new account will be banned.

    Addition to rule is in red.

    A new account does not guarantee your anonymity, as new account's posts are sometimes merged with the primary account.
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    Update to rule #6; no nudity

    6. Post With Quality In Mind

    Chitchat and goofing around are welcome, but try to keep it to the appropriate threads and subforums and don't bombard those users who do not wish to participate. No nudity drawn or otherwise. Posts will be edited at moderators discretion

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