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This is a discussion on Artists, How Did You Learn? within the The Art Museum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Originally Posted by Denature Various skills that I've learned have been through different processes. I learned guitar from experimentation and ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denature View Post
    Various skills that I've learned have been through different processes.

    I learned guitar from experimentation and videos
    Dance from lessons
    French from classes

    and now I'd like to learn to paint. I think watching videos and copying others until I get a feel for it would be best, but I'm curious what artists here would say helped them the most?

    I'm going for the title of renaissance man. Aka, a man of many talents.
    I try to do at least one self-portrait per day. I'm trying to do figure drawing classes both online and in reality. I'm experimenting with different media, but for now I use mostly charcoal.
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    Three years of art and one of photography. Although, I have not engaged in either in a very long time.

    If you are talking about painting free handed... I would suggest learning to draw/sketching before painting. I would go to Michael's or Hobby Lobby~ whichever you have nearby. They have starter books on how to draw and anything you would utilize to get started. It can turn into an expensive hobby.
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    I never had classes; just learned on my own. It's a natural gift.

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    I am still learning everyday.

    I look at speedpaints and see what I can learn from it.
    In digital art I try to use some cool tools to help me
    Practicing helps. I look at new things, study it and get a general idea of it. I practice it and then improve each time.
    I learn some tips.

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    Most of the things that I learn comes from the magical world of the internet as well as hands-on experimentations with the things I bought online.

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    Learned how to draw by trying on my own as a kid, then had a watercolor teacher that taught me how color works. The most significant thing he taught me was how to look at what's in front of you, not with lines, but by the areas where light meets dark. As an 11 year old, I remember thinking that I saw the whole world differently after that. It's always been a matter of practice, experimentation, and making the attempt to express ones self after that. Online tutorials and art books that I saved up for definitely contributed a lot, though.

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    I'm still learning when it comes to drawing, but I started by learning how to draw eyes which was a simple enough shape to start with. And I picked up shading techniques from videos. Learning how to hold a pencil helped as well. Can't really give a detailed history about how I got to where I'm today with my art, feels like it just kind of happened all of a sudden.

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    mostly by trying to imitate the style of those artists that i liked the most
    do studies, sketch a lot, try different mediums and experiment just the right amount
    if you do a small drawing or 2 per day in a matter of 3 months max you'll notice a significant improvement
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    My natural talent is drawing. But of course I still had to practice some of my skills, I just thinkw having a talent it comes more naturally and easier to pick up things than someone with out it, it doesn't mean I'm automatically the best artist. I've learnt through myself, school, YouTube, books, other people, art classes. However, I'm not really a big fan of drawing books and YouTube videos.

    Of course, I'm still learning and practicing. I have a long way to go. My skills have been rather stagnant for 10 years, I never bothered to improve much when I was a teen. I'm only starting to improve more now. Although I must say, some of my drawings when I was a teenager seem a bit greater in quality than some I do now, or maybe it only seems that way because I sometimes slacked off in classes I hated and enjoyed drawing instead, or after I finished my work for the class.

    I never went to private art classes outside of school, except for once when I was 11... that was a long time ago, and as a kid, I didn't quite understand some of the instructions. Well, coming back to present day, I don't even know if I can afford the classes for next term yet. But I'll see. I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Actually, I should start saving for it now, after I pay for my new pair of glasses...
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    Lots of research and lots of practice.

    My art would be singing, or as others call it, screaming.

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