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Member photography: Post your sweet shots! *LotsaPicturesWarning*

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This is a discussion on Member photography: Post your sweet shots! *LotsaPicturesWarning* within the The Art Museum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Originally Posted by Raindrops Nice idea : I have a deviantart link in my signature. Nice I love these photos, ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raindrops View Post
    Nice idea :

    I have a deviantart link in my signature.
    Nice I love these photos, especially if they're from deviantArt.

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    I love looking at other folk's photos, it's like a window into a hundred parallel words.

    Not sure what a 'sweet shot' photo is? I have 8800 photos on my Mac, and that
    dosn't include the photos I take for business interests. Some of them are probably sweet :-)

    Many more on my website and Flickr

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    I just sure like my city. Maybe too much.

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    I love photography but I don't leave the house enough....

    This old gif of my doggy is best viewed while high and listening to dub reggae...

    This is an old gif of my milo ratio.... it's since gone from 80/20 to 90/10 ....

    this is an old pic of my plant pot hydrometer that I would use on people when they were being unsexy...

    Pixie and trisky in action (cloud time lapse)...

    A screenshot (hey it still counts as a pic) from my latest video...

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    Hmmm... These are my picture collections from my previous threads.

    Quote Originally Posted by WickedQueen View Post
    Although I'm not familiar with camera and I don't have the "sense of art" or whatever, I love taking pictures. My object of interest are mostly human activities, nature, and culture.

    These are some of the pictures. I hope you like it.

















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    And this is part 2.

    Quote Originally Posted by WickedQueen View Post
    Okay, I've made a similar thread before, so I call this one as Part 2. This pictures basically is a collection of mine whenever I visit some place or joined an event. I hope you like it.

    The clothes was unique, but I prefer him without any clothes. (jkjk)

    Weird couture. They looked like half mystique creature and half alien. LOL

    Poor John Legend. He was trapped alone by the press at his own press conference. LOL

    I met my college friend at a music concert. He was one of the anchors.

    Should I even give any comment for why I took their picture? Isn't so obvious?

    Prepare for the fun rafting!

    Some junior high school students on their orientation session. Toy boys! Yumm...

    Little scouts playing in the park.

    With 3 bucks, you can rent their bike and the owner to take you travel around the old city of Jakarta.

    Guess what they were doing? They pump your motorcycle's wheels!

    Bunch of lovely high school teenagers.

    Labors at the harbor.

    Nope, you don't impress me, kiddo. Go to school.

    At the traditional market.

    Awww... Aren't they cute?

    Playing an old guitar, singing broken heart songs, and selling accessories. Nice combo! LOL

    Yep. It's The North Face man!
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    WQ, you met John Legend?

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    I love this because it was a complete accident- I was on a train in Colorado and wanted to take a picture of the scenery, but my sister's reflection showed up in the window and it turned out pretty cool!
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