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This is a discussion on Thy Poetry within the The Art Museum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Dazed and Confused They say it's not it's true, Unfazed but bloody and bruised, I say but not to you. ...

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    Dazed and Confused
    They say it's not it's true,
    Unfazed but bloody and bruised,
    I say but not to you.

    Returning from the sky,
    Sobering minds need a minute,
    Of common tongues that sigh,
    I'm crazy but not timid.

    Mary Jane waving in the distance,
    Concerned with motivations,
    But indications in this instance,
    What's indeed these motivations?
    Evil, someone told that's she evil.
    Most definitely.
    Simple, not complicated just simple.
    Most definitely.
    The tension has gotten hotter,
    But I digress.

    A pale face, not a ghost for the fearless.
    A cute smile, not a trap for the reckless.
    Angelic, but not an angel to me.
    Demonic, but not a demon to me.
    But someone told me that she's evil.
    And someone told me that's she's perfect.
    For me.
    Most definitely.
    Smoke in the air, it's a party.
    Most definitely. Most definitely.
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    You are all such talented individuals. May I post my poetry here?

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    Quite beautiful

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    Some haikus I wrote some months ago -

    Gentle fading Sun
    Shadow artist on the world
    Hazy Moon watches

    Soft chatter of birds
    Dark branches hang overhead
    Lake water ripples

    Steam rises from tea
    Cup full of the elixir
    Mind thankful to blissful leaves

    Soon the spring arrives
    White of snow to green of leaf
    Life begins anew

    Birdsong on the breeze
    Sonnets sung amongst the branches
    Love echoes in trees

    Daffodils blooming
    Yellow beauty soon to come
    The Sun soon to rise

    Fields that stretch far
    Towards the soft blue horizon
    Where the hills reside
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    I miss being with you
    I miss the songs that fill my head
    When you're at my side
    And I would do anything
    For one last try

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    repost from INFJ poetry thread... bitch to me if you want to see more of my work, but this is the last and possibly my best.

    Maid of Dishonour (or: Gun in the Garter)

    Do you remember that morning
    when the peach trees were blossoming?
    He was smiling, he just read the coolest story
    "Let us make a promise!" he said
    as he held our hands
    "We will be friends forever
    like Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei,
    we vow to die on the same day!"

    (Come back.)

    Forgive me, my dear sister
    I could not give you my phone number
    or reply to many of your letters
    When you said you were getting married
    I knew I had to come home
    but it was too late,
    we had drifted too far apart
    - the flowers of our home country
    had become foreign to me
    I could not remember
    the songs and the dances
    the light when you smile...

    Do you remember that day
    when we went to the sea together?
    He was comforting me, I had lost my little ducky
    the one that you told me not to bring
    but you swam further away
    making our mother worry
    Father said you would be okay
    and sure enough, you brought ducky back to me

    (Come back.)

    Forgive me, my dear sister
    I have made so many mistakes
    when just one would have grieved you so
    You have always been such a kind heart
    and I was the cruel one
    but now it's too late,
    we had drifted too far apart
    - the "me" of that warm, sunny day
    has become a stranger
    I could not remember
    the little sister that you knew
    the innocence of mine...

    Do you remember that afternoon
    when we climbed up the mountain?
    He said he wanted to become a doctor, and he asked
    what we wanted to do and be
    I said I wanted to teach
    You said you wanted to fight
    and we thought it was a joke
    You kicked some dried leaves and ran back down

    (Come back.)

    Forgive me, my dear sister
    I have been lying to you all this time
    I am not on vacation, only undercover
    I would not miss your wedding for anything
    so I went against protocol
    but that was a mistake,
    and I was unable to protect you
    the person I love more than anyone
    my sister, dear sister
    Why did I not remember
    to make time for the people who matter
    this family of ours…

    Do you remember that night
    when we had Christmas dinner with him?
    He got on one knee, blushing, and proposed to me
    "Will you be my girlfriend?" he said
    and you spilled your wine
    You were taken by surprise
    and you said, "Why not get married immediately?
    We are practically family already anyway!"

    (Come back.)

    Forgive me, my dear sister
    I have put you in mortal danger
    The bullet that pierced your heart was meant for me
    There are people who are after my life
    They must have gotten him too
    and now I see clearly,
    I dragged you both into this mess
    the people I love more than anyone
    my brother, my sister
    Now I remember
    the promise we made, long, long ago
    that when you die, I die...

    (Open your eyes.)

    I forgive you, my sweet sister
    because I knew it all along
    I chose to take that bullet for you, my sweet
    And all the sins that you feel sorry for
    all of the mistakes
    are as virtues to me,
    I look at you with the eyes of love
    because I know you more than anyone
    my sister, sweet sister
    You will live on
    in my heart, and in my memories
    for as long as I live, you live...

    (Welcome home.)

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    senior GLONK:

    Why do
    Wine-ott a... gulf
    Why do
    Why is it they are
    Are gulfs
    Ask the senior...
    He no-knows the
    to, well, the question
    THE question
    THE number one question,
    or why is it that l'amour est une donkey rebelle?
    Ask the... senior?
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    really proud of this one


    The night is dark and cooling
    but a lark is chiming
    Telling me light should be here faraway
    That red roses should be painted white

    That cleansing doesnt just happen on the moon
    Its my doom for trying to pretend im a real person
    How can I be if I am trapped inside an invisible blue
    If you can't see then its not real so how is it going to get destroyed in a
    fiery flume

    But if that's true why when I try to get out
    Does the red sear on my leg and my mouth

    it happens inside
    And its truly impossible to truly hide

    But is it wrong to want to turn the red roses white
    That somehow in the endless void I can be a Knight?

    Trying to befriend your monster?
    But how can I even prosper doing that with my youth?

    Is anything going to spark something ?just waiting for the rust to spark ?
    Can lemon take away the watermark you left on your hips?

    I just wanna light up this whole surface
    I want to deserve it

    But it may not make a mark
    and that will just make the dark forever long

    and is it wrong to paint the roses white
    is to trite?

    walk on the moon
    Even give someone a balloon?
    What if somehow im wrong?
    How we sure if someone truly strong?

    even to help a friend?
    could this be the end to my light?

    Am I taking a freedom an animal impulse
    My pulse quickens

    Where is the line?
    Nobody cares
    No one dares question the endless revolving
    so why do I dare speak my mind?

    Even on ice skates I fall flat
    Because I can't see my spark where is it at?

    But deep in
    A dove leaps

    It tells me what is beauty
    but is this my duty?

    Imperfection so wild
    I am so young I am almost a child
    but its it okay if I buffer some lines?

    Is it okay to speak my mind?

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    This is a poem to make us sleep
    let's try to really to relax real deep
    I'm turning on the yellow/dark screen thing
    Hopefully my phone wont
    I'll take a faith of leap

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