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Poetry and Prose..The Surreal Snake..

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This is a discussion on Poetry and Prose..The Surreal Snake.. within the The Art Museum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Chamomile scents flicker in the sun Orchids shine their colors, in sync with each one Roses speak with wisdom the ...

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    Moon Song

    Chamomile scents flicker in the sun
    Orchids shine their colors, in sync with each one
    Roses speak with wisdom the clouds cannot say
    Pirouetting lilies flutter and float away

    Fogs formed in shadows
    Fading in this dream
    A face illuminates the sky
    With crystal eyes so pristine

    Water from this lake
    Ripples in its' heart
    The wind calls a name
    Rustling trees leave their mark

    A tune heard in the wind
    Mocking sadness in it's tone
    Beautiful within
    Yet chilling to the bone

    Singing is this soul
    Singing out through its' pain
    With a gaze so forlorn
    Harrowing disdain

    Somewhere in these shadows
    A seedling begins to bloom
    "Have you come to sing with me?"
    Said the rain cloud to the moon.
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    The mirror had become a weapon
    A direction
    The wind flew in all directions

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    He had given up on such
    Stones sat on their own

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    the cauldron huge its silver juice
    they pour into its eyes
    it did not cry out it did not shout
    with holes for eyes it looked at the sky

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    the frozen spiders web bent in the breeze
    a praying mantis on its knees
    in the web the spider done said
    off with your head

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    it was too toothy
    frozen pearls spun round and round
    they fell into the sounds

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    the weight of the stones their wings drag on loam
    they sat in the room mounding with doom
    they walked on them in the night

    it did stare with diamond hair
    it took them down down down
    water thrown on the stones

    vapor and mist twitch off the rocks
    from the bogs of self

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    the spiral drove thru the shell
    the creature inside screwed alive
    oh my

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    cyclops ate its burrito in the corner
    filled with puss maggots and such
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    angels dive with talons tight
    red with feathers more breeze the better
    wet weather

    their eyes did glow they blink the coals
    their talons gleam in the slipstream
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