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Poetry and Prose..The Surreal Snake..

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This is a discussion on Poetry and Prose..The Surreal Snake.. within the The Art Museum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Originally Posted by Promethea its not the middle of the bat that delivers the hardest blow.. Nice, but I have ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Promethea View Post
    its not
    the middle of the bat that delivers the hardest blow..
    Nice, but I have to ask about your avatar?
    Is that a sickle holding, rainbow promoting, bamboo sun hat wearing, smiling, marshmallow man?

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    Surreal Haiku:

    poet warrior
    within his infinite coils
    sleeps the golden god

    serpent never sleeps
    every breath a hungry myth-
    all his dreams are truth

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    You Guys/Gals Have Made Me So Happy!!!!!Thank You Thank You!I am so Lucky To have You All.
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    I could saw open my skull
    making sure I feel each stroke,
    poking through the bone dust,
    prying diamonds from the lowly rocks.

    I could get my fingers wet again.
    I could pull you out through tear ducts,
    an exorcism of an inspiration,
    a theft of the breath that moves.

    I could cut apart my ribs,
    dissect myself thoroughly
    beyond all nudity,
    with fingertips,
    a paintbrush or a pen,
    bare and pinned to cardboard,
    labeled, emptied and discarded.

    I could saw open my skull,
    seek you out just like I always do,
    with sharp blades and steady hands,
    no more bleeding than usual.
    I must remove you.

    (No, don't worry, I'm not really going to hurt myself or anyone else. It's symbolic.)

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    This Weapon of PlasTic and Lead
    My Pens
    I Slash and Kill wiTh Them
    Maiming all who come Near
    It cuTs like a Suicidal Teenager
    Free Will and LoVe
    Freedom to DesTroy CreaTe
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    Choose Life
    The Dancing TurTle
    The Swimming Whale
    TroTsky's Ice Pick
    Ja...It Came for You
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    Surreal Snake of Eden,
    scales sensing sap inside the
    leafy smoothness of limbs,
    juicy, juicy, punctured peel,
    sugar and sweetness within,

    you fuck your muse like an engine,
    shaking metal spikes and rails,
    coal and steam,
    explosions in an iron womb,
    white-hot Promethean fuel,
    burning wings as faithless Psyche sees.

    With the click of ancient keys,
    Pandora's mysterious tight virgin box
    opens for your double-pointed tongue,
    releasing horrors, making demons beg for breath,
    even as you dream.

    Hope is the sound of bitter consolation, sheltered in bomb craters,
    huddling naked in the dust of crumpled sheets,
    a notebook and an angel quill,
    a sticky chin and a mouthful of seeds.

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    Wraith sheild cloaks the dark messenger
    inseminates the subconscious with venomous truth
    the unworthy will choke to death
    on their own ignorance
    every word wounds
    the complete thought kills
    delusion, projection, and misplaced intent
    are all exposed when it shows
    like the prick, the mind is impotent

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    Surreal Snake

    You Have Killed creaTion
    The Bleeding Unicorn
    Its HearT a Crippled Dripping Muse
    I am The Clouded Space ThoughT
    The Befuddled Fiddler on the Roof
    The Wandering Jew of exisTence
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    A whisper flows with peace
    Across a plan of lush existence
    Wide open ocean of the soil
    Travelling through days and nights

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