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Poetry and Prose..The Surreal Snake..

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This is a discussion on Poetry and Prose..The Surreal Snake.. within the The Art Museum forums, part of the Topics of Interest category; Ulysses brave and noble i fall from your golden lock the cow licks at birth i say"confusion"he continues to lick ...

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    brave and noble
    i fall from your golden lock
    the cow licks at birth
    i say"confusion"he continues to lick
    the golden angels eyes glow in a spiders web
    i get tangled in it saving her
    the monster runs over,i see his many hundred eyes
    they glow red,he attacks,i jump on the spiders back
    i snap its neck,he glows green
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    the rose has been cut
    she bleeds red tears
    the silver star guides the wise
    i land on the alien killing floor
    words are my weapons

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    the loon

    he cries for his love
    calling her,over and under
    he screams swimming
    the snapping turtle has not seen her
    he swims deeper,he sees her wounded
    on the killing floor,deeper and deeper
    his lungs burning he spirals down for love
    the children play
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    by Dalien
    8 Feb 2011

    Tail twitching
    Paw bitching
    Cats’ eye!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Surreal Snake View Post

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    the dead turtle,turtle
    the baby clam does not open
    murdered on the beach
    racing for mother moon
    the birds sing the murderers song
    hovering winged werewolves
    slow motion killers
    they swoon down and cause genocide
    the sea shells sit and cry in the carnage
    the mothers regurgitate the tears
    their children selfish hermits
    they sit in their caves and wait for death
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    the berlin wall
    you sit there in pieces
    the i.e.d has expelled you
    created you,you are the invisible man
    atomized into oblivion
    you were my friend
    they sit in the fields and chanT
    god is dead
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    hate myself plenTy

    the wounded tourist
    i enter with shame
    i have killed creation
    i snap the darwinian tortoises neck
    you are as bad as god,his opposite
    you are gone now,forever
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    the divided mountains
    you guard the cyber pass to the stars
    you spit and kick at the greedy
    they cannot enter the guarded dunes
    castles from the storms,they change daily
    sitting and performing for the chosen
    you gots to be cool,i roll up some sand
    and get high with my friends
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    chant the beads

    respect the 108 beads
    buddhas rosary
    i chant my mantra
    the killing fields have claimed you
    i make soup with your bones
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