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This is a discussion on Enneagram Talk Styles within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; An interesting collection, which seems accurate. I'm clearly in the head triad. I can relate to 5, 6 and 7. ...

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    An interesting collection, which seems accurate. I'm clearly in the head triad. I can relate to 5, 6 and 7. 9 sometimes also.

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    I use 6, 2, and 7 most (in that order) according to this (though I have been told I sound more 5-like when thinking aloud). To be fair, I did have trouble choosing between 6 and 5 when figuring out my main type though, so it's not too shocking.

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    7, 6 and 5, with occasional ventures into 4, 3 and 8 territory.

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    I am either Type 1 and Type 5.

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    I'd say 6 and 1 seem closest to me. Sometimes if I'm trying to help someone -- particularly many of my female friends -- I'll become 2-like.

    When I talk to people, my speech is probably more pessimistic and I have to remind myself to try to think about the upsides here and there so that I'm not just being a downer. When I'm thinking about the downsides/how I would deal with the worst case scenario, I tend to feel better.

    I've dated guys who were far more optimistic than I am and they always made me nervous, as I feared they weren't thinking enough about what could go wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mind Swirl View Post
    I know someone that fits the 1 description so perfectly. Everything he says is meant to be a lesson/correction or analyzing whether something someone did or something he saw was correct or right.

    I relate to 5, 6, and 9 here. Generally I relate somewhat to all of them, this article, I'd limit it to 5, 6, or 9. I might eliminate 5 because thought I value facts and logic, I'm more generalized than detailed about the little facts. I'm uninterested in exact definitions and only remember what (to me) is important, or the "gist" of it (I'm translating a 5 as more of a highly exacting, close-up and detailed type person). I relate to the 6's trouble-shooting, questioning and second-guessing. I relate to the 9's generalizing, day-dreaming, wondering, or talking about notions.
    Well I consider myself a 5, but I definitely have 9 in my tritype, and am more general in that sense, but I do have a fixation with becoming an expert and doing it right etc which is a 5 trait, though a lot of what I study is social stuff, originally Fiction, then psychology, self improvement and other things like that. I don't necessarily think a 5 has to be exacting. I thought I was an INTP or INFP, but looking at the stacking It's actually closer to INFJ, the issue though is I was so introverted that I relied mostly on my introverted functions (Ni and Ti for INFJ), which makes an INFJ test like a perceiving type. Unfortunately the tests aren't really accurate enough to catch subtleties, my guess is that many extremely introverted people test incorrectly on the online tests due to the stacking differences... IE "Judging" introverts all have their introverted perceiving as the first function, so theoretically there first judging function Fe has them show up in the world as "judgers" but if they're so introverted they're not really willing to share that with people, so they may not even show up that way on the tests. Another way to say this is that 5's who are not SP first won't necessarily show up as a traditional 5 discription.

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    I borrow from all the head types when I really get cranked up.
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