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This is a discussion on Enneagram Talk Styles within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; Originally Posted by Marlowe Six, seven, and eight for me. Okay, and maybe a dash of one. @ MBTI Enthusiast ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marlowe View Post
    Six, seven, and eight for me. Okay, and maybe a dash of one.
    @MBTI Enthusiast @MrShatter

    I like the idea of videos. Set something up?
    Sure. I'll make a video. I'll procrastinate for a while though Do you guys wanna do here or on another thread? I might wait too because I just shaved my head. I'm prefer PerC knew the me that had hair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MBTI Enthusiast View Post
    That's an interesting idea, although I think there would have to be some good questions discussed. I don't think these talk styles apply as much to solo speaking, but there are definite clues that can be picked up by watching how someone presents themself, too.
    We'll have to study it!

    Find someway to appropriately demonstrate each E-type in the video. I think there is a lot more that can be picked up via presentation than one might think. ... ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kito View Post
    Fours sound like a sad bunch though.
    Pffft we're not a sad bunch.....wait....
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    I know someone that fits the 1 description so perfectly. Everything he says is meant to be a lesson/correction or analyzing whether something someone did or something he saw was correct or right.

    I relate to 5, 6, and 9 here. Generally I relate somewhat to all of them, this article, I'd limit it to 5, 6, or 9. I might eliminate 5 because thought I value facts and logic, I'm more generalized than detailed about the little facts. I'm uninterested in exact definitions and only remember what (to me) is important, or the "gist" of it (I'm translating a 5 as more of a highly exacting, close-up and detailed type person). I relate to the 6's trouble-shooting, questioning and second-guessing. I relate to the 9's generalizing, day-dreaming, wondering, or talking about notions.
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    I'm definitely a 4, but I talk like a 7. Completely.

    I suppose that's the 4-7-9 tri-type playing out. :)

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    Fuck, you nailed me ._. lol. I sometimes feel sorry for my friends xD Gosh.
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    If you guys end up doing this, I can do a video (type 2 here). :)
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    I relate to 4, 5, 7, and 9.

    1 sounds like me in a terrible mood.

    I believe my tritype is 7-4-9 (or 5-4-9), so this would make a lot of sense ... particularly if 1 is my disintegration point.
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    2,4, 7 & 9s def :D but I def don't think I'm a 2 in the prospect of anyone needing me x) but I relate to 4/9 the most I'd think xD

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    1, 2, 5, 7, and 9 alot.

    I do 4 by myself internally, or with someone I actually trust with my feelings.

    I can do others as well, but it depends on the situation I'm trying to attract, and accordingly I'll adjust to get the desired result.

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