Body, Brain, and Mind: A Love Triangle

Body, Brain, and Mind: A Love Triangle

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    Body, Brain, and Mind: A Love Triangle

    With respect to the mind and the body, I consider myself a dualist. Although many consider the mind to be only a product of the brain, I think there is much more to intellect, emotions, and will than the functioning of the brain structures alone.
    Iíve always liked having intellectual conversations with my friends, and one time, made the mistake of starting one with a non-intellectual friend. This particular gentleman is an ESFP, a gym-nut, and a partier. Our conversation started out well enough: we were walking together from the dining hall back to our dorm. I mentioned my opinion that, no matter how complex and wonderful the brain is, it is a physical chunk of meat that limits the potential of our non-material mind. His response baffled me, and showed me that people have other things on their mind.

    He said that he agreed, and went on to explain how he would want his brain to stop limiting his body. His rationale included sounded something like, ďI would want to lift more and run further without my brain telling me that I need to stop,Ē referring to the brainís function of interpreting pain. No matter how much I tried to explain myself, he would only hear his version of what he thought I meant.

    This is a post about the material and the immaterial, about shadow types (mine being the ESFP), and about with whom it is profitable to discuss Philosophy.


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    That's kind of interesting. So your thought was that you wanted your brain to stop limiting your mind, whereas he thought you meant you wanted your brain to stop limiting your body.

    I've had similar problems trying to discuss ideas with other types of people. I remember once in English class someone chose as the topic "Why college basketball is closer to the way the game was meant to be played than pro basketball" and I made a comment along the lines of, "So you're proposing, basically, an ideal form of basketball, which college basketball matches more closely than pro basketball does?" He gave me a half-confused, half-suspicious look, and was like, "Well, you know, in college basketball people pass and play defense and the refs call travelling and other fouls more consistently." And I was like, "Oh."

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    It shows that people see the world differently. Someone who is more physically oriented will not understand the intellectual's desires for greater intellectual capacity. However, the intellectual will understand the desire for greater physical performance.

    Once in a chemistry lab (we were just starting out), my lab partner and I had to make a conclusion about weighing coins on a high-accuracy scale. As it turned out with the pennies, the older ones are heavier than the newer ones (1950s - 70s vs 1980s - 1990s). I concluded that as the price of copper increased, the weight of pennies decreased. My lab partner loved it. He said that he wasn't thinking that direction.
    Pretty sure I usually think really far away.
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