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How to Get Along with Other Enneagram Types

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This is a discussion on How to Get Along with Other Enneagram Types within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; Originally Posted by Drunk Parrot I own that website, that'll be 200 dollars. You now owe me 100 and that ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drunk Parrot View Post
    I own that website, that'll be 200 dollars.

    You now owe me 100 and that countdown is against you now.

    Burn in Hell, peasant!
    I have Milos on speed dial, and he knows Yuri in person so i think it'll be okay.

    and watch your tone! I think they would be very interested in your lucrative website if i told them about it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by huhh View Post
    I have Milos on speed dial, and he knows Yuri in person so i think it'll be okay.

    and watch your tone! I think they would be very interested in your lucrative website if i told them about it...
    I'm sleeping with Yuri's wife, so let us keep this on the down low. How bout this, we're even.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kharyzmatiq View Post
    I like this list, but there are some aspects of it that I believe would benefit from an alternate perspective. Some of these suggestions seem more likely to indulge the unacceptable behaviours exhibited by certain types instead of truly helping them to grow.

    For example, what does it mean to burden a Three with negative emotions? Could it be that the "negative" sentiments or thoughts expressed are valid, but that the Three would rather ignore these because they disturb his desire for a perfect image? Threes need to be willing to face the facts, even if the resulting adjustment in self-image may be discomforting.

    And, to be honest, Fours sometimes are overly-sensitive and overreacting. Trust me, I I am a Four. It's important for a Four to learn not to take offense so easily and to focus on the content of someone's words instead of the delivery. This does not mean that callous or inconsiderate words are condoned, but that one can save himself a lot of emotional pain if he overlooks the things he cannot control. Also, try using that brilliant imagination by being positive and proactive instead of paralyzing yourself by brainstorming worst-case scenarios.

    Type 5s fear the unknown of the external world, which explains why they become so detached. They want to observe and analyze their surroundings, be it physical, social, or ideational, in order to understand how to navigate through it. They do not like unexpected intrusions, and can become very irritable for unintentional violations of their personal bubble. Sometimes, however, their reactions and general disposition are not appropriate ways to handle such violations. It would benefit the 5, and those close to them, to extend his field of study to the extenuating circumstances that may surround an intrusion, and seek to respectfully and considerately explain his position. Biting sarcasm and angry outbursts are more likely to exacerbate a problem, especially if family is involved, so such speech should be avoided.

    For type 7s, I agree that it's important not to try and change their style, and I doubt most people would want to; you guys are so much fun! However, it should be noted that relationships of all kinds require give and take. Life isn't all club beats and flashing lights. Sometimes you may feel that your friend or partner is pressuring you to change your entire personality, or trying to boss you around, when really all they're asking is for you to do what you signed up for: be at home for dinner, try not to be so distracted when I'm expressing myself, sacrifice a little fun-time for us-time. Sometimes no one's trying to lock a ball and chain to your free spirit, they would just like you to be a bit more attentive to their needs. After all, that's a huge part of what friendship is about.

    Type 8s... I don't know where to start with these jk In social terminology, there is a huge difference between being assertive and being aggressive. Assertiveness involves clearly and confidently stating one's position, but with consideration and respect for whomever one is speaking to. Think of Tyra Banks when she does a photo shoot with the models: she's clear and direct about what she wants, but is never harsh or impatient when things aren't going her way. Aggression involves the same, but aggressive behavior does not concern itself with the latter. Sometimes it is actively seeking to cause pain. Perhaps you think you are being assertive, but if a variety of people are constantly offended by your speech or, even worst, they scatter and cower behind furniture when you enter a room, a self-examination is likely in order. And to be frank, when you stomp around, scream, and curse, it is not our responsibility to 'remember that's just who you are'. Such behaviour is immature, disrespectful, and pathetic, and if you have a habit of doing this, you need to learn self-control.

    People of all types have flaws, and none of us will ever be perfect in this system of things. It is often in order to pass over the mistakes others make, as we wish others to do for us. But we should never indulge or condone foolish and destructive behavior. People who do this are doing neither themselves nor those with whom they deal a favor, but are in fact making things worse.
    Just like in the Riso-Hudson book "The Wisdom of the Enneagram", once we start moving down the average levels of health, we inevitably cause conflict's because we have others and our environment feed our ego's agenda (needless to say, there's 9 distinct ego agendas). It's about (in their school of Enneagram thought) becoming more free by being less attached to our ego, and it's by cultivating awareness and becoming more present, that we accomplish or strive for this.

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    Thanks for sharing.

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    How to be compliant and harmonious. Perfect thread for a 9.
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    How to Get Along with Other Enneagram Types
    Avoid the ones you don't like.

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    It's better to try to understand them, Nicomendes.

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    Here are mine from a type 4 perspective:

    • I appreciate thoughtful and sincere compliments
    • Sometimes, I'll offer my own experiences to better relate to you. This isn't to make the conversation about myself (or at least this isn't my intention)
    • I enjoy time by myself! This doesn't mean that I'm sad or lonely
    • And being sad or lonely isn't necessarily a "bad" thing. I can learn a lot about myself in times like these
    • I also enjoy time with others but skew toward a handful of close friends over a large group of less close friends
    • Sometimes, I am overreacting
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    I strongly relate to the 9 description and a bit to the type 2's as well, but not to the 6's. This is annoying.

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    Getting along with more people is as simple as saying to yourself, "Not everyone is going to think like me. And that's okay."
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