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"The Five Love Languages" Explained

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This is a discussion on "The Five Love Languages" Explained within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; I too felt they should make that distinction....

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    I too felt they should make that distinction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Growlithe View Post
    Thanks for this! :) But I'm confused... Is your love language the type of language you give to people or the type that you want to recieve from other people?
    Because I like to give people acts of service, but I feel awkward when people do acts of service for me. I prefer words of affirmation from others, but I'm not that skilled in giving words of affirmation to other people. So does this mean my language is acts of service or words of affirmation?
    Quote Originally Posted by Eric B View Post
    I too felt they should make that distinction.
    The term "love language" typically refers to the type you would like to receive. For 75% of the population, the type you primarily give and the type you primarily would like to receive are the same, but it's different for 25%.

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    All I ask is for some Quailty Time and action over words.
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    My type's Physical Touch (obviously ) Now that I think about it...it's been long since I received a hug.
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    Oh this is interesting!

    My scores;
    5 Words of Affirmation
    10 Quality Time
    2 Receiving Gifts
    3 Acts of Service
    10 Physical Touch
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    Here's mine:

    10 Words of Affirmation - This is very true. I can hold on to something for a long time, and the only way I know I have forgiven someone is when I don't remember what was said or happened.
    10 Quality Time - I'm probably more Essence Quality time. I like doing things together.
    I know a lot of girls like to talk, and talking is okay but expressing and sharing feelings just gets to me sometime.
    5 Receiving Gifts - I do like receiving gifts but I won't hurt you if I don't get anything for Christmas. =P
    3 Acts of Service - I would like my house to be clean but I clean regardless.
    2 Physical Touch - And please, don't touch me.
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    I am an INTJ, and my primary love language is quality time. My mother is also an INTJ with the same primary love language. Would anyone care to comment on whether there might be a correlations?

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    We were required to take this love language assessment where I work (along with DISC) and I'm also an INTJ who's primary love language is quality time. My brother is an INTP with the same PLL.
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    10 Words of Affirmation
    9 Physical Touch
    6 Quality Time

    5 Acts of Service
    0 Receiving Gifts

    I think I tend to conflate physical touch with quality time. I enjoy spending time with my SO, which necessarily entails me cuddling up to him or holding his hand. Thing is, I get pretty uncomfortable when anybody else touches me, so physical touch as my love language applies only to my relationship with him.

    Oh, and I tend to get irritated when people give me gifts, and I often have a hard time giving gifts to others. I generally prefer getting things that I need/want on my own. Though every now again if somebody really hits the nail on the head with a gift (Usually not on a holiday -- I think gift-giving on holidays is forced and trite), I think it's really sweet.

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    9 Acts of Service
    8 Quality Time
    7 Words of Affirmation
    6 Physical Touch
    0 Receiving Gifts

    Apparently my love languages are almost equal. It's confusing because while I want Acts of Service above all, I only want physical touch from certain people and words of affirmation from others. i.e. I like words of affirmation from my grandmother but not from my mother, and I'm only affectionate with my brother and no one else. But I do acts of service with almost everyone.

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