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This is a discussion on MBTI and Social Media within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; New here, but not new to MBTI. This 15 posts thing in order to get started is annoying....

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    New here, but not new to MBTI. This 15 posts thing in order to get started is annoying.

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    I'm on Facebook but i don't use it to interact with friends. I rarely posts photos of me and rarely share "what's on my mind".
    I just launch Facebook and i can scroll down for hours. It's a way for me to keep me aware of what is happening on the web.

    Also, i never "spy" on people. I've seen a lot a friend going on someone else's profile and be like:"Oh look, he posted a photo with this person!". I don't see any interest in doing that.

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    It's all about the why.

    I'm an ISTJ that has:

    YouTube (seldom used)
    Google+ (almost never used)
    PerC (used almost daily)
    Reddit (used daily)
    Twitter (several times/day)

    I don't use any others. PerC is mostly because of the people I know here. Reddit is for interesting things that haven't made it onto my radar. Twitter is for trending topics of discussion, which I then go explore, if I'm interested.

    My ISTJ mom likes Facebook, but little else. She uses it to keep up with extended family.

    Type probably plays a role, but there are other factors that should be considered.
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    I wandered here from afar,

    atop a grassy knoll, overlooking the mountain of mournful dreams and promises

    here in the cave of stoney visions, and gone excavated semi-solutions to my fore-gone gloamings
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    Interesting. Thanks.

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    One does not simply walk to Mordor while looking down at one's mobile phone and here I am wanting a second breakfast despite the Facebook post from a relative about exercising.
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    I'm an ISXP, & I kinda dislike social media.

    I either don't sign up for these things, or become a lazy user.

    About FB & Insta, well, every once in a while, I get in the mood & sign up for an account, & I promise myself that I'm going to post things & I'll become popular. But then I usually end up checking other ppl's accounts for a while & then I get bored & delete my account.

    & whenever my friends/peers make a new chatting group on line & add me to it, I end up being one of the laziest members.
    I just don't like small talk & chatting & sometimes, Idk how to hold the conversation!
    Besides, talking (chatting) with a group of ppl is not really my thing.
    In general I prefer meeting ppl in person, than chatting or texting them!

    Social media makes me stressed out!
    I wish I could be more social !

    But I really really love YouTube & PerC!
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    As an ISTP who has:

    Facebook: I use it mostly for the groups; also, my FB security is to the max. its pretty difficult to find me with just my name or email. Not to mention, to see any of my posts, you must friend me.
    Twitter: Have become a lazy user in the recent years; lost its appeal
    LinkedIn: I have one, but I've forgotten my password and stuff and never cared enough to recover it
    Tumblr: Use it daily
    PerC: usually daily, but its use really fluctuates

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pottsy View Post
    I'm personally adopting an introverts (INFJ) aproach to social media as an INFJ one of my strengths is listening and theres far too few people listening on social media
    I see myself as reading in between the lines, and coming to see similar patterns (mostly stupidity, self-righteousness, counterproductive communication, mob mentality) as stemming from huge global human problems (overproduction, hyper-consumerism, competitive individualism, finding cheap automated easy-access substitutes to superficially meet social needs).

    I listen and challenge both sides of any argument to zoom out and figure out /how/ to (intuitively, productively and harmoniously) communicate, and /why/ (introspectively, ethically) we want to communicate it... before they even begin to think about /what/ to communicate.

    Far too few people listening. Even far fewer questioning the whole structure of the dialogue.

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