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This is a discussion on MBTI and Social Media within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; The survey is missing IG which has much faster user growth in absolute terms than any other US social networking ...

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    The survey is missing IG which has much faster user growth in absolute terms than any other US social networking platform and a lot of international reach. My hypothesis is S types are more represented on IG. I'm curious about YouTube as well.

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    Instagram is mostly xxFPs (xSFPs particularly) showing off aesthetic stuff. Tumblr is same, though with a higher NFJs population.

    Facebook seems FJs (particularly xSFJs). Using the site as the base for community and blog for tribe harmony and welfare (Fe).

    Twitter seems mostly for everyone, though I can see Ti doms/auxs making the most tweets with memey phrases and actions.

    DeviantArt is really IxFPs with a surprising amount of ISTPs making gritty, nerdy, edgy, and/or cynical arts.

    Reddit is xNTPs/ISTPs. The emphasis on forum and discussion leans toward Ne and how logos tend to overcome anything screams Ti. ISTPs put those discussions grounded in reality.

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    As an introvert I was dreaming of Facebook before there was Facebook. We fantasized about it with my introvert friend: how great it would be if there was a way to have some sort of an idea what people are up to without having to personally see or contact them.

    I don't know if it's about having very weak S, but I don't care about Instagram or especially Pinterest at all. I don't want to see other people's photographs, and I definitely don't want to see pictures that they didn't even take, only like.

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    Anyone has the written text of this article? It's gone! :(

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    I know this is old, but the Link no longer works. There's probably newer studies out.

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