MBTI and Social Media

MBTI and Social Media

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    MBTI and Social Media

    I found this new article describing the correlations and statistics of MBTI types and social media networks. It's a very thorough and interesting report. I hope you enjoy reading it, too!


    "Use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn has grown steadily in recent years. Today, according to a study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project (Smith, 2011), 66% of online adults use social media platforms. One might wonder what factors influence whether and how people in the United States use social media. Specifically, does personality type, as measured by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator ® (MBTI®) assessment, play a role?

    The data presented in this report come from a study on MBTI type and social media use conducted by CPP, Inc., in 2011. The study respondents consisted of a sample of 1,784 men and women across the United States who had taken the MBTI assessment and agreed to participate in research conducted by CPP. The results of this study indicated that personality type does matter, but only in some areas. In regard to views on social media in general, many of the differences revealed were between Extraverted and Introverted types, although there were also some whole type differences.

    While there are some consistent differences in the trends across the three social media providers examined, it is clear that people of all types make use of social media to some degree, and that MBTI preferences do not account for major differences in the reported use of social media."

    Read the report

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    This is interesting. So according to that, ISTJs are the type who least are on facebook. This makes sense to me, after all, my two ISTJ friends aren't on facebook.

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    Also interesting is that iNtuitives are more likely to be on social media than sensors. But I notice that they don't mention the demographic of people surveyed (number of each dichotomy, for example), so it's hard to know if iNtuitives in general prefer social media or if just the ones selected for this study do. Plus, iNtuitives tend to believe "the theory" and get involved in it more than sensors do.

    The study also focuses more on introversion vs extroversion. There is the (obvious) statement that extroverts prefer social media to introverts. Not sure what the point of the study was in the first place.
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    Seems odd that only intuitives are those catching onto trends.

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    Very interesting! I only know of one ISTJ and he doesn't use any social networking site. I know six extroverts who use Facebook and four introverts who use Facebook. I wonder if these social networking sites, which pride themselves as places for people to connect, form plans, get together, and so on, is influential for those with more of a feeling preference than those of more thinking preferences. My facebook account, for instance, is more about ideas that I find interesting than about my personal life, while those of whom I know have feeling preferences, tend to share more pictures of themselves, discuss their lives more often, and offer more congratulations for other people's birthdays. On the other hand, my one friend (who is an ISTP) uses Facebook quite like me, posting things that are more about ideas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrow View Post
    Seems odd that only intuitives are those catching onto trends.
    Well, maybe Ns as a whole are more accepting of change, while Ss are split into those who DON'T accept it (Si) and those who do (Se.) Perhaps if they split the study into cognitive functions, the results may be more telling.

    I found it interesting that ESFPs are second-highest in Facebook use, but tied for lowest in Twitter use. I guess it's hard to keep up two social networks at the same time. Also, Twitter has less variety and lengthy posts than FB, which might add to it.
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    I wonder what ENFJs find so attractive about Facebook.
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    Until those in the MBTI bubble (those who market the test) explain explicitly where they got their information from, I wouldn't trust these demographics.

    The idea that they can determine these things based off of test scores is absolutely ridiculous and carries the assumption that people can accurately self-assess themselves. Not to mention the fact that they give absolutely no way of determining exactly what they mean when they say "thinking or feeling". The dichotomies are crap for this reason and make the jungian model virtually useless.
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    The only thing I can comfortably conclude from reading this is that extroverts are more extroverted than introverts.
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    I was one of the early adopters of Facebook. Now that everyone is on it, out of everyone I know who doesn't have Facebook, I'm the only one whom I know to have deleted theirs (deleted. Not deactivated. I can never get it back. I now have one to view the rare Facebook page, under a pseudonym, or sign up for Spotify. I have no friends on there). The others, including my boyfriend and a former flame and my mother, never had one. I wonder whether I'm odd or simply a trendsetter. Likely the former.

    Honestly, I hated my former schoolmates because I could never relate to them and felt strange next to them. I wanted to sever all connections from them and instead of deleting them (hundreds of them) I simply got rid of myself. They never read my shit anyway. In retrospect it very much has to do with being INTJ.
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