A reflection of MBTI application in my life. - Page 9

A reflection of MBTI application in my life.

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This is a discussion on A reflection of MBTI application in my life. within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; I use my MBIT almost all the time...

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    I use my MBIT almost all the time
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    Personally, I think MBTI deserves to play a big role in story telling. Writers, Filmmakers, Actors, and anybody who is telling a story should know MBTI like the back of their hand because it makes explaining characters and their relationships, behaviors, and actions so much easier. Anybody involved in developing characters should understand the types because those four letters speak 10,000 words.

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    I agree 100%
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    Hey friends! "Friends". That's one of the greatest advantages about MBTI. Just by our interest in mbti we have a lot in common: possibly we like psychology, understanding things in depth, discovering, emproving ourselves, no one here is passive. While I believe that everyone is different a whole lot from one another, I think there is a small exception: that is the personality type you belong to. People who are less (but still) different from you. MBTI for me is a great way to understand who would be a good match for me as a friend. It helps me understand what interests someone else might have, before even being told. It helps me to reach out and find what common ground I have with the people around me. It' all about connection
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    There are many people who are inhibiting our preference and our personality develop.The best way is to make their words nonexistent and continue your path.
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    That's great!
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    Very well written. Good wisdom.
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