Applying Personality Type In The Workplace

Applying Personality Type In The Workplace

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This is a discussion on Applying Personality Type In The Workplace within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; Applying Personality Type In The Workplace As the MBTI is a personality indicator (indicating personality type and not trait/ability), it ...

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    Applying Personality Type In The Workplace

    Applying Personality Type In The Workplace

    As the MBTI is a personality indicator (indicating personality type and not trait/ability), it can't be used for recruitment, selection or assessment purposes. I guess for me, where it adds value is simply understanding that we all have preferences - and if met, we find life easier and if we find life easier we are, perhaps, more inclined to focus our energy on to good ends. Whilst personality indicators in no way reflect our ability, capacity or skill to do something, it can add value in terms of aiding a dialogue between people who have an impact on one an other. For me, that's all the MBTI is. Essentially, it helps to explain part of the 'why' we do things, but certainly not 'how' well we do them.

    It is my opinion that our affinity with and desire for labels allows much 'type' casting to go on, and organisations who invest in tools such as the MBTI can be guilty of it. 'Oh, he's and E, he never listens'. She's a P, she's always late. I'm and N, I don't do detail. I'm sure that forums and communities such as this are guilty of it too. If, however, by taking personality inventories such as the MBTI, we are encouraged to share thoughts and have conversations about how we prefer to work (not how good we can do it) and how we can help other people work more effectively, surely that has to be a good thing. I do accept that some people may want to use this information for less than good purposes - but is that a good enough reason for the majority of good intentioned people not to benefit from it? Isnt that the same with all walks of life?

    On the issue of the effectiveness of psychometrics that measure personality trait, and abilities - i.e. numerical and verbal reasoning, IQ etc, in the workplace, I would agree that they too can be used poorly in some recruitment, selection and assessment processes. They should form part of the process to provide additional and extra information, and not the sole basis for selection. On the whole, however, we can train ourselves, develop skills and practice at many of these to improve our results. In these 'tests' there are right and wrong answers. I would argue that the 'MBTI' has nothing to do with right and wrong and has no place in 'testing'.

    This brings about a very important issue surrounding the ethical use of such instruments. I am curious to know how you found out about your personality type - whether it was an free online questionnaire or through an accredited MBTI practitioner?

    The issue of ineffective management, and corporate structures are interesting topics, but probably not explained by personality preference, but I am to guess, a lack of training, skill and ability to effectively manage and lead others?

    To contribute to this research on applying personality type in the workplace please click

    Applying personality type to the work place Survey

    Many thanks,
    Learning & Development Consultant
    Team Building, Personal, Management and Leadership Development London, and Manchester UK Wide

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    Any vacancies for a job? :D My qualifications are awesome, IMO.

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    I like the heart icon! Well done!

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    Tools are tools, they have their uses and their limitations. Hammers don't make good screwdrivers, though occasionally they are used as such. I knew someone who used the back end of an axe as a tent peg mallet with predictable consequences. Personality tools used in recruitment are only as good as the person who uses them. Sometimes they open up a discussion at interview that tells you something really helpful. Sometimes they provide the data afterwards to say "Oh flip, I should have seen that coming."


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