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Enneagram Types of Contemporary Countries

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This is a discussion on Enneagram Types of Contemporary Countries within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; as someone who lives there i can confirm venezuela is 7 or 8...

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    as someone who lives there i can confirm venezuela is 7 or 8

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    Switzerland: 1 self pres
    Sweden: 1 sexual
    England: 1 social

    Thailand: 2 sexual

    China: 3 self pres
    Venezuela: 3 sexual ??? Not 100% sure
    USA: 3 social

    France: 4 self pres
    Italy: 4 sexual
    Japan: 4 social

    Poland: 5 self pres
    Iran: 5 social

    Canada: 6 self pres
    Germany: 6 social

    Saudi Arabia: 7 self pres
    Spain: 7 sexual
    Brazil: 7 social

    Scotland: 8 self pres
    Turkey: 8 sexual
    Mexico: 8 social

    Russia: 9 self pres
    Austria: 9 sexual
    India: 9 social

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    Italy is 4 with a 7 in her tritype.

    USA is 3 with an 8 in her tritype.

    Canada is 2 with a 9 in her tritype.

    But you could go about this politically or culturally. Also region-specific. The south of the USA is more 2 and 6ish for example.

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    I was literally just thinking this when I saw this post. Canada is 9, 2 or 7 for sure. The US is 8 or 6.

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    I live in New Zealand.

    New Zealand is a 9w8 country. Values the peace, lots of humility and tall poppy syndrome. Lots of refusal to address important issues and a lot of "she'll be alright". Very down to earth and connected to the nature. Most New Zealanders don't vie for extravagance. New Zealanders are also very chill; some of us go to the store in dressing gowns or barefoot.

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    I'm a 9w8 and moved from Canada (described as a 9) to Germany (6-5-8 trytype) so this is interesting!

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    UK- 1w9 So/Sp (With 4 disengration and growth to 7 being common)
    USA- 3w2 So/Sp
    France- 4w3 Sx/Sp
    Germany- 5w6 Sp/Sx
    Canada- 2w1 Sp/So
    Australia-7w8 Sp/Sx
    NZ- 9w8 Sp/So
    China- 3w4 So/Sp
    Japan- 1w9 Sp/So
    Russia- 8w9 Sp/Sx
    Brazil-7w6 So/Sx

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    Some months ago I read a book (Saddam Hussein and the Crisis in the Gulf, by Judith Miller & Laurie Mylroie), and at one point the authors said something very interesting when comparing Iraq to Egypt and Syria.

    I might not remember the exact words that were used, but the idea was the following: politically speaking, Egypt had been a more moderate country,while Syria's politics had been marked by tension, and Iraq's, by radicalism (or maybe they said extremism).

    By reading the book, it's pretty evident that Hussein was a Sexual Eight, and Iraq itself would probably be a Sexual Eight country too.

    Still, I don't know that much about Egypt and Syria. Would anyone who is more familiar with the culture of those countries have any guess on their possible Enneagram types?

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