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Indicators of Stress for Top Professions Among INTJs, ENFPs, ESTJs, ISFJs, ISTJs

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This is a discussion on Indicators of Stress for Top Professions Among INTJs, ENFPs, ESTJs, ISFJs, ISTJs within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; OMF this is so accurate. i feel like a complete ENFP xp and btw, can somebody help me over here? ...

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    OMF this is so accurate. i feel like a complete ENFP xp

    and btw, can somebody help me over here? so i am new to all this personality cafe thing and i found a thread (if this is how you guys call it) where us new members can introduce ourselves through some questions like: what is your MBTI type, how y/o are you, employed or not, whats your dream job and other personal things like these, you know. and it was really interesting and i really wanted to also introduce myself, but when i clicked on the reply button, another page opened up and it said: (wait a sec i have to copy and paste it xp)

    you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

    You are not part of this Personality Type. Remember you can join more then one group.

    Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?

    If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

    (Its me talking again ;))) so i just dont get it. i can reply to this thread but not at that one?? why exactly?? im confused aaarrrgghhhh!!!! why am i not part of that "personality type". what the hell is the "personality type" that hes talking about, anyway? and what are the groups??why has the administrator disabled my account?? and i may not have "sufficient priveleges" wut?? omf im so confuseeed!! somebody reply to me plz!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AMB View Post
    Uggh, I really need to work on this. The worse my stress gets the more I hole myself up and embrace my more introverted tendencies and pretty much just wallow in my Fi-Si. "Weh this noise is bothering me" "my ears are ringing" "I have a headache" "I'm miserable/lonely/depressed/pathetic* I'll just sleep". It's been gorgeous here and I've been loafing around in bed even though this little tiny muffled voice keeps screaming it wants to go outside so badly. Some of the suggestions for others to help sound so appealing right now, too.

    *poor, unfortunate soul
    Sometimes it helps to bring some logic into it. Trying to solve what bothers me can help. Okay, that noise annyos me. *put all of the other thoughts on hold* I gotta find a solution. So I do something to stop it/block it out. It makes me feel better sometimes. And generally speaking, focusing on ONE thing.
    Talking to someone who understands can also have a positive effect.

    I'm still somewhat in doubt about being an ENFP, but I related to the text and what AMB said above. It's kind of like my brain is desperately searching for things that piss me off, at an insanely fast pace and it gets suffocating. It gets to the point where the very fact that I am so stuck in my head annoys me.
    "Stuck in my head again,
    Feels like I'll never leave this place,
    There's no escape" - Linkin Park, "Given Up" cuz I freaking love them and I relate to their music to a ridiculous degree

    I noticed that I become hard on myself. It's also like I'm constantly contradicting myself and again generating ideas that go nowhere. Mostly on things that I can't do anything about or I imagined. "*wanna do whatever* That's stupid. What's the point? Why the heck am I so negative? I'll never get anywhere like this. I'm not even doing anything to get better at playing piano (or any random thing that frustrates me, lol). Or maybe I just don't have the talent. That's pathetic, Elena! You are just lazy and hiding behind that." It goes on until at some point I realize that I'm doing this and yell "SHUT UUUUUP" in myself... and then realize how mentally ill that sounds and how I have been isolating myself for so long and you know the rest.

    Sorry for the rant. & thank you for posting this.

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    Seems pretty good.

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    I am an INTJ whom is also a level 10 work-a-holic. It was nice to read a neatly organized, precise, and direct outline factoring stress. Recently I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel which I just had surgery to repair which caused me to deal with more stress than I could properly filter all at once. I wish I had come across this during that time, but then again I learned a lot about myself in the process.

    It was funny that this mentioned as a stress relief to clean out closets, sorting photographs, & fixing things because these were things I did weekly while on disability. I also learned in that time that in order to have more control over my stress and schedule that I would need to venture out and become an independent contractor (which I plan to do as soon as I save enough to take that leap with a large financial backing to be safe). I also had to remind myself it would pass, I think this mantra was the only thing that kept me from going ballistic (and one other factor). Eventually I just let go of everything I had no control over and my stress soon lifted.
    I'm not going to lie though, I even had marijuana prescribed to me to reduce my stress,an yes, I live in a state where if prescribed is legal, and if you are curious yes, it worked immensely well, however I do not like relying on any substance to balance me out as a long-term solution.

    All in all I think the key is knowing oneself, but when under stress having something as clear as this to help assist you is a necessity. We can't see clearly (even ourselves) when stressed and to have an unbiased concise outline of ways to address it based specifically on ones personality type is essential. This is one of the better out-lines I have read & very accurate, I am very curious to now look further into Nancy A. Schaubhut and Richard C. Thompson who were responsible for conceiving it. Thank you for this wonderful post & find!

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    Same here, pretty spot on. INTJ

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    A bit out of topic but according to the first post, Weapons Specialist Supervisors are
    • Careful not to speculate about the future or the unknown

    and are described to be
    • Unimaginative and rigid at times

    But what is the point of being a Weapons Specialist if you can't imagine the impossible(and, of course prepare for it)?
    Excepting huge numbers, how can you truly empower yourself/others if you can't create something that has never been seen before?

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    @Animal I love this. I recently retested as an ENFP (not expecting that since I previously thought I was an INTP or even an INTJ) and this posts's description of stressors, pitfalls and things you can do to help your situation, even if I don't work in any of these fields, is SPOT ON. Ridiculously accurate. Do you identify with your type and what this post has to say?
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    Quote Originally Posted by inquisitivity View Post
    I recently retested as an ENFP (not expecting that since I previously thought I was an INTP or even an INTJ)
    That's interesting. ENFP is the Paradoxitype of INTJ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judson Joist View Post
    That's interesting. ENFP is the Paradoxitype of INTJ.
    TLDR; I don't have anything to prove to anyone right now. I have suddenly taken, for the first time, a very honest look at myself, and realize I am not the person I always strived to be - nor do I need to be.

    I'm in the middle of a rather drastic change in my personality. I've been extremely repressed and ashamed of myself for many years, moulding myself into the person I would like to be, believe I need to be in order to receive love, acceptance, belonging, approval, etc. - and right now I'm experiencing this enormous weight dropping off of my shoulders. I am suddenly utterly uninterested in gaining people's approval where I used to slave away at it and behave masochistically if I could not be what other people wanted me to be. I also used to be fiercely cold-hearted and judgmental, and right now I realize 1) that my judgments were frequently overly black and white and incorrect, and 2) I am finding a great deal of compassion and mercy toward and for myself, and this is extending toward other people. I told myself I was an introvert simply because I have spent many years afraid of being myself around people, afraid of rejection, and so I created distance between others even though i craved connection. I get overwhelmed by chaotic environments (think frat parties, any scene where people are drinking *far* too much, crowded concerts - places where I lose control) - and I thought that because I did not like this extreme form of extroversion, that it meant I was antisocial. Now I realize I am far closer to the middle of the spectrum and, in fact, I do enjoy the company of others a great deal - I just prefer it in more controlled environments.
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