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This is a discussion on Animal Functions and... within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; Oh, I get it now...I thought Octopus described us a bit better....

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    Oh, I get it now...I thought Octopus described us a bit better.

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    I always thought cats were more Fi or Ne, but maybe I just related or projected too much. Sure as hell doesn't happen with dogs though.

    I think they do have at least some similarities in personality differences, though. I've seen some really opposing attitudes and such in both cats and dogs (always had a lot around growing up).

    Right now my parents have two chihuahuas, one is what I typically think of when I think chihuahua - angry, mean, napoleon complex. In other words, scared easily and the default reaction to that fear is to growl, bark, go on the offensive. But then the other one is totally the opposite. While she still gets scared easily, her main reaction is always to be nice, happy, wag tail, etc. I definitely see the same in people. When anxious, defense mechanisms vary, some smile and some get assertive.

    I'm happy with the one I have, but ironically, other people aren't. I guess they'd rather I punch them in the face than be accommodating (it's seen as weak). People make no sense sometimes...

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    Great post, i can't believe you came up with that yourself!

    I'm really satisfied with the fact that i got the "Fi Horse" because thats my zodiac sign as well haha
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