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This is a discussion on MBTI Types and Dating within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; I found this entertaining. Somewhat amusing until mention of star signs came up. That made it less entertaining, and ....ultimately ...

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    I found this entertaining. Somewhat amusing until mention of star signs came up. That made it less entertaining, and ....ultimately aggravating.

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    I'm looking at multiple types here and I see a lot of what seems like wrong info.

    ESFP 60% romantic and only 20% sexual? I'm pretty sure we're supposed to be among the more sexual types. I don't think we're regarded as particularly romantic either; I know it was kind of a learned skill for me, and I'm a woman. Personally, I see the dreamer temperament as being the most romantic of the four, and yet ESFP trumps them all on this chart.

    Also, like someone else said, I saw the zodiac signs and lost all faith. That's not to mention the odd percentages; most of them had percentages ending in 5 or 0, while there was the occasional one, like ISTP or INFJ, that had an odd ending. It makes me feel as though this was thrown together fairly sloppily.

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    Ideal date activity: church, caf....church? church..... CHURCH??? Who the hell would ever date in a church??? I hate coffee, and I'm too lazy for a walk in the park.
    The description isn't really like me, I think the INFJ description is a little bit more like me, but still... meh.
    The INTP description is more accurate, with my INTP partner we always play word games and stuff like that...but for the '' want to make people happy'' part, it depends. He really likes to make me happy, while he enjoys making other people mad or hurt their feelings if he thinks they deserve it.
    About the Zodiac matches part. Bullshit. He is Virgo, I'm Taurus. We're still a good match. Zodiacal signs are mostly unfounded nonsense.
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    My knowledge is growing an growing about the MBTI and Socionics and Ennegrams and my personality type is INFP - The Idealist which makes sense why I would have thought INTP and ISFJ were my types an got those results but INFP seems less distance.

    INFP sums me up!

    Need to change my signature an personality thingy.

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    I thought the graphics were cute.

    I've tested as INFP before and most of the description fits me, but I have to say that I don't think church is a good place to take me on a date. I could see inviting someone to a fun, casual church event if you met that person at church, but you can't just assume someone wants to go to anything at your church if you've never seen that person at your church before. From an INFP perspective, inviting a person on this kind of date without having some reason to think it would be okay could look like you're trying to make a person change deeply held internal values. If an INFP were religious, a more important or spiritual event at church (like a church service) would be considered inappropriate for a date since the INFP would be very focused on worship and not dating at that time. I hate the assumption that INFPs are all very religious. Even two of the career suggestions for an INFP assume that an INFP must be religious as a result of personality type. I've been religious at some points in my life, but I can have a problem fitting into an organized religion if I feel it's conflicting with my values in some way.

    I do like the other suggested dates. In the beginning, I like dates that seem casual, low pressure, and allow me to talk to someone in a way that could help you get to know the other person better. I'm open to more serious romantic dates after I have gotten to know a person and more adventurous or fun dates at any time.

    When I'm happy, I think that I generally come across as warm in a lovable way to most people. I gradually increase my romantic signals as I get to know a person well enough to start developing stronger romantic feelings and feel more secure that I won't be rejected. It takes me much longer to feel comfortable being sexual around a person.

    The astrology stuff has no basis, but I do find it funny that I tested as INFP and am on the cusp of Virgo and Libra. My mom is a Scorpio, but I can get along with her fairly well when I'm not having some issue that would make it hard for me to get along with anyone.

    ETA: Another factor for INFPs would be the cost of a date. I saw a graphic that INFPs have the lowest average salary of all the types. Expensive dates could make an INFP feel guilty if the INFP can't reciprocate in the same way.
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    @xXxRosexXx , I could understand how you could mistype yourself with those two types. The ISFJ is an introverted feeling type, and the INTP is an introverted type with auxiliary Ne. I saw an interview with an INTP woman on the NF Geeks channel on Youtube and she didn't seem to be that different from me. She came across as more logical than I usually do and didn't show the slight awkwardness that I occasionally display, but her overall presentation felt very familiar to me. The J and P distinction also doesn't have much to do with cognitive functions. I ultimately came out as an INFP both times and I am more a perceiver naturally, but I try to make an effort to do things on time so that I don't inconvenience other people.
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    A bit bland, but interesting. INFP
    Now, I don't "believe" in astrology, but I'm still quite familiar with it and I got a kick out of the Ideal/Avoid signs cause I swear it's true lol. I definitely tend to get along better with the ideal signs and the avoid ones piss me off a lot. Funny thing is my fiancée is a Virgo and an ex of mine I still hate with every fiber of my being was a Scorpio.

    And yeah, I hate setting foot in normal churches even for piano lessons or other meetups let alone dates (?), but my own church is nature so if you take it that way I guess it's accurate.
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    The INTJ dating zodiac blurb got a derisive snort from me.

    AVOID: Taurus, Capricorn and Cancer. Me; INTJ Taurus, SO; INTJ Capricorn.
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    ENFP is kinda right, but i rather look towards the long-term for dating.

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    ISTP is pretty much right. I think the romantic percentage should be a little lower, though. I'm not all into mushy-gooey things.
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