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MBTI Types and Salary, Education, and Population

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This is a discussion on MBTI Types and Salary, Education, and Population within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; Originally Posted by MBTI Enthusiast Well, they do say "average", so while there may be plenty who have gone very ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MBTI Enthusiast View Post
    Well, they do say "average", so while there may be plenty who have gone very far in their education, there are also others who would have dropped out or whatever.

    Haha, I just said depressing because most of the people whom I showed this to IRL said, "Dang! I want to be an ENTJ!" or were upset that their type wasn't one of the highest paid or most educated or rarest.

    Yes, I hate this part about the graph, it's so misleading. In reality, it's not too different, and would probably look more like the Education graph.
    I understand that mentality a lot haha! I sometimes wish I was an Se dom so I could be more involved in physical fitness but meh!
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    ENTJ, ESTJ and ESFJs etc are drawn towards management. Who at this time of age- and historically - are grossly overpaid compared to average Joe...

    That skews things thus.

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    This is why I scored an ENTJ for a husband.

    But then he decided he didn't want to worry about making a lot of money so we're kind of just getting by :P C'est la vie.
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    I'm poor.
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    Well, the first issue I see here mirrors one I've seen a lot in real life with people who are familiar with MBTI, which is that people (usually guys) who see themselves as assertive, successful in corporate life (the type of audience this diagram is made for), and on the go identify with being ENTJ. They either think ENTJ describes them because they are successful, or that they are successful because they are ENTJ when their real type is something extremely different (in my experience, often ESTP or ESFP). As we all know here, neither of these are really accurate at all, nor are the type descriptions that the mistyped ENTJ's would reject if you showed them their real types.

    Interestingly, some of the ENTJ I know have mistyped as either INTJ (understandably), or ENTP (because they do not see themselves as directive or organized like ENTJ are stereotyped). Real ENTJ are often worlds different in person than their type is stereotyped.

    People who have a self image of being intelligent, independent, score highly on IQ tests, and/or have advanced degrees also tend to think they are INTJ when again, what it means to be a cognitive INTJ has little to do with any of those traits.

    Overall while I have not looked at the website this came from I would strongly suggest that most of the people who took these tests did not use the cognitive functions to type themselves, which is the only way that makes sense to type. There is no need to get depressed looking at these statistics, they are essentially bogus.
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    Just the way that the strengths and weaknesses are listed makes it hard for me to take this seriously. I could be wrong, but at a glance this looks like it relies excessively on extrapolations of behaviour and a fairly shallow application of MBTI. The SJ and SP descriptions at the top also sounded questionably simplistic and belittling in contrast to the Ns, as if those types aren't even quite understood.
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    So where was research paper done for this study? I'd like to investigate this for myself.
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    Averages can be misleading, particularly on things like this income graph. If you average 5 people and 1 of them has an income of $1 million and the rest have incomes at $20k then your average is $216k even though 4 out of 5 of them make $20k. Probably is some validity to the results as I can see how personality can tie into careers, but without digging into the numbers behind their graphs you'll never really know.

    There are many other factors that affect household income that would need to be factored out of this to make it useful like age, education levels, others in the house, location, etc. A 19 year old single mom living in a rural area's household income can't really be compared to a married 50 year old couple living in New York City for example.

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    So ENFJ and INFJ are the rarest types among males while ENTJ and INFJ are the rarest among women. Well, at least within the population group sampled, which I suspect is an internet forum survey which may not be the best representative group. Interesting nonetheless though.

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    Where are all the rich ENTJs at? Feeling awkward over here because I'm a poor ENTJ….
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