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This is a discussion on Guide to becoming awesome: MBTI Edition within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; what. the. even. 0_o /glazed eyes/...

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    what. the. even.


    /glazed eyes/
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    All I really have to say is yes, Miracle of Sound is amazing and something that more people need to know about. Your hypothesis was interesting to skim through and for some reason I think I've heard others playing with the same idea so I'm pretty sure it's going along the right path.

    Awesome read.

    Have a nice day.

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    Wow , this is such an interesting theory, and good job on all the effort you put in!
    Honestly though, I only got the main idea of what you were saying. The way you worded it is really hard to understand, and it's a shame because I really want to understand it! haha

    Could we maybe have a description of all the types and how they would develop?
    Like for example ... an INFJ as a core type, would develop INTJ first, then...? I have no idea hahaha

    I found this super interesting because I seemed to be an INFJ child and now I don't understand how I am an ENFP... It is something I discuss with my younger sister on a regular basis. LOL.
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    I would truly appreciate if somebody could take this on and condense this hypothesis.
    It's interesting but (as mentioned earlier) it's quite the read even for people with good reading stamina like me.

    Condense you hypothesis, get rid of uneccessary fluff and fill-out words. People shouldn't have to translate it all to make it comptehensible. Poorly communicated knowledge is useless knowledge and ten times more frustrating when it seems to be very interesting knowledge.

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    @Windmill Slam - this was literally the







    I will come back to read this someday when i actually have time to read it, haha. But i read parts of it and scanned the rest, and i can really see what you're talking about.


    When i first discovered the MBTI, i was mistyped as INTP.

    No, i didn't actually type the letters INTP wrong in the previous sentence. I mean, the test put me as an INTP. Now look to your left, look at my profile. YES, i repeat, i was mistyped as INTP. But it was an online test, so don't freak out.

    It's that unconscious part of you that wants to be your opposite, isn't it? Like, i want to manipulate logic and come up with amazing discoveries, but it isn't like i'm uncomfortable with my social skills and everything. A few years ago, i was more INTP than i am now, strangely; always pondering weird philosophy and having AHA moments that told me exactly how to complain about my life. Is it possible that INTP is my core type? That's hard to believe, but your post...

    Also, during the same period of time i first took the MBTI, i was obsessed with becoming the opposite of people i was mad at (come on, i was only in 6th grade ) and there were these kids who i considered to be extremely self-absorbed, and i hated them for various reasons. So my goal was to be as selfless as possible, for a kid that age who was supposed to do homework, not take big steps to follow their dreams and contribute to the betterment of human society. And it seems like ESFJ was the type i unconsciously wanted to be back then. It's like the functions are making me gravitate between two extremes.

    Very strange, but honestly, i would not like to spend a whole hunk of my time trying to figure out my core type. Knowing that i never really contemplate the complexity of universal existence, etc., i'll just say that i'm more ESFJ. At least for now. It's not likely that i'll actually consult a psychologist about my core type, because honestly, i can't see myself as any other type.

    Still, that post was so long! And very informative. Great thinking :)
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    @Windmill Slam , do you have collective info specific for ISFP's? Or perhaps dot points even?

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    Ni likes to focus and clarify ideas. Ne likes to explode them, like you've done here. No self-respecting ISTP would write this long and convoluted of a post. ;) Are you sure about your type?

    It's an interesting theory. I do believe people can develop any of the functions if they choose, which is a kind of personal development and allows the person to grow beyond perceived limitations. But even in the most highly developed individuals I know a single type is clearly identifiable. The more we develop the more we become ourselves at our best. We don't become multiple personalities. So I don't really agree with your theory. Although I do believe you're awesome. :)

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    Going to tag this and read it later

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    Quite a long text. Suggestion: Put that on a PDF or something, then link it to a Dropbox public link or something.

    I'm tempted to say, "We ENFPs don't need a guide - we were born awesome." Because that seems to be part of our "type bias". Dominant Extraverted iNtuiting seems to be the cause of it. I created several "parody motivational posters" reflecting that bias, just for the sake of humor (and "truth in advertising").

    If we've exercised our own Thinking functions sufficiently, we tend to laugh at the NT temperament bias toward knowledge and competence (it's the combination of our Innocent and Mischievous Child archetypes - see Beebe's model). "Yeah, right, I'll take you guys on - and even if I lose, it'll be fun going down in flames. And I just might surprise you, by beating your socks off."

    That, combined with the fact we really do respect you NTs.

    If I may: here is the best summary, easily accessible, as to what "awesomeness MBTI-style" means for everyone:

    It has its limits as it's trait-oriented on the one hand and limited by the four-function model on the other, but it's great as a starting point. "For all types, BALANCE IS THE KEY TO SUCCESS." What "balance" means differs according to type.

    Something I'm reading again is this excellent, function-oriented book:

    And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my teacher, Vicky Jo Varner:

    Type Insights | insights into psychological type models
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johanan Rakkav View Post
    And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention my teacher, Vicky Jo Varner:

    Actually her and Nardi is becoming a very disturbing combination.

    I like Nardi and am making my way through his book but....she makes my flesh crawl with little tiny legs and faces.

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