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Cognitive Function: Ne vs Ni

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This is a discussion on Cognitive Function: Ne vs Ni within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; Originally Posted by Weeds32 First time poster... let me know ifI am way off the mark here. Ne - "What ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weeds32 View Post
    First time poster... let me know ifI am way off the mark here.

    Ne - "What can I learn from this?" If Ne sees all possibilities and symbols.... then,
    Judging Function(s) - Decides what information is pertinent or necessary to take away and learn from this...

    Result - You have added a solid piece of new information or knowledge to fill in any gaps or further support your long term system. The new information reveals the new possibilities it opens up.

    Ni– “What do I know about this?” Ni compares and contrasts with previously learned knowledge and experiences .

    JudgingFunction(s) - identify similarities and differences with previous information and experience… how it fits in with what we already know.

    Result-You have a sketch drawn from more information than what was presented. The sketch is not as clear as the information Ne gleaned, but it is much broader.

    These processes happen in the subconscious, which make the results intuition, as they seemingly appear from nowhere.

    Ne, being externally focused, shows you what possibilities could happen in the external world.
    “I saw this coming.”

    Ni, being focused inwardly, gives you a deeper understanding.
    “I knew it.”

    I look forward to what everyone has to say about this.

    I actually don't know what to think of this actually. It strikes me as mostly right, but there are some discrepancies with how the judging functions interact in your description with the way I understand Ne/Ni. I will have to think on that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nobleheart View Post
    An analogy we like to use around my group of RL friends...

    If N were superpowers that represented how the mind goes from point A to point B, Ne would be super speed and Ni would be teleportation. Ne is clearly faster than Ni, and yet Ni often gets there first. Ne can move through patterns at blazing speeds narrowing down possibilities until it gets where it needs to go. Ni percolates until it is ready to have an aha moment, and then it just does.

    If Ne and Ni were having a race from the United States to an address in Japan, Ne would be like the Flash, running in the general direction toward Japan, using rapid succession of trial and error until it found the address in what would seem like the blink of an eye... only to find Ni already there. When Ne asks who it got there, Ni has no answer other than it simply did. Meanwhile, Ne can give a detailed account of its course, recounting how it ran a few thousand circles around Ni before the race started. Ni was in one place unmoving as it summoned up the power to make the shift, and then it was suddenly in the right place with little or no recollection of the distance in between.

    I would frequently make my ENTP buddy insane with my inability to explain how I was consistently coming to answers before he could. It made no sense to him because it was so clear that his thinking speed was about ten times mine (I'd wager more than that actually). But, while he was busy with his explosion of possibilities that erupted from any one source, I was scanning the entirety for the one answer.
    You assume Ne would stay focused enough to arrive at the destination. That's the number one flaw in your analogy.

    Quote Originally Posted by KrystalLove View Post
    Great job. Don't hate on Ni so much, though. I'm a Giver; it's the only cool preference my kind has.
    In what way did I hate on it?

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    there are some pictures at the bottom here that demonstrate the difference between Ne and Ni

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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaTuxRacer View Post
    You assume Ne would stay focused enough to arrive at the destination. That's the number one flaw in your analogy.
    It took myself and an ENTJ to train the ENTP in question to arrive at the destination, heh. Our primary motivation was the fact that his ego was based on believing that he is more intelligent than everyone else, so he was compelled to try to get to the destination faster than those of us he knew he thought faster than. Or secondary motivation was to look down on him for failing to complete his goals. It worked like a champ. He has developed impressive Ni and Te to augment his Ne and Ti.
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    Despite the amazing descriptions, for some reason I just don't understand them.

    Maybe I'm just stupid...
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    This is excellent really. If you could write one for Te vs Ti as well, that'll be great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by childofprodigy View Post
    This is excellent really. If you could write one for Te vs Ti as well, that'll be great.
    I was actually thinking about doing that. I will see if I can't fit it into my schedule.
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    Woo! Woo! Go Ne! :D
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    Awesome post.
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    Nice post! I'm a big fan of intuition however you slice it. Ni fascinates me on a pretty deep level

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    Nice read. I think my Ni makes me want something and makes me do everything I can do get it. Like it's a goal and other things are just side objectives.
    I disregard what is not important like you said.
    I don't have a lot of cool little ideas or an idea that makes me think about a lot of little ideas, I have a big idea or some little ideas that make up my big idea and think about the detail a lot.
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