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Cognitive Function: Ne vs Ni

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This is a discussion on Cognitive Function: Ne vs Ni within the Articles forums, part of the Announcements category; Not sure how true this is but I saw that Ni would rather change THEIR perspective on something whereas Ne ...

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    Not sure how true this is but I saw that Ni would rather change THEIR perspective on something whereas Ne would try to change the environment to accomodate their perspective.
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    Ne = thinking of alternate possibilities in the future about how many things come together
    NI = projecting one thing into the future, one internal imagining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hellofornow View Post
    Which function uses more metaphors and analogies in daily language and breaking things down to understand??
    Not sure that's function-specific. As an ENTP, I absolutely love witty wordplay, puns, metaphors, analogies, parables, etc. I think maybe that's the idea of Ne objectifying symbols, but I am not convinced it's an exclusive relationship.
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    This really reminds me of times when I am debating or conversing about deep philosophical/psychological topics with Ne-dom users. Since I use Ni, I am very rigid in that I like to keep to a single intention and anything I see as irrelevant to getting to there quick and efficiently really bugs me. LOL For example, when I am trying to point out something all-encompassing to an Ne-dom user, they bring up a load of seemingly random or "outside" information that makes me stop and ask, ". . . Well yeah but, why is that relevant to the conversation? What is your point here?" Like throwing a vegetable into a fruit pile. It could very well be related to it and it usually is, but Ni can sometimes be snobbish in thinking "lol now you're just throwing in a bunch of external ideas that don't actually have anything intimately to do with the subject. That does not matter. Please stay on course." But I think that's only because Ni likes to get to the point very quickly so that it may absorb and store this in their vault for further use into the future. Whereas Ne likes to pick and choose and bring up a lot of pre-established systems and run with it-- for their goal is expansion. Ni seems to try and omit those aspects in favor of coming to a new, innovative, yet singular and versatile perspective to accomodate to all and anything to the side or offhand the subject, bring it all to one thing. At least, that is how my functions tend to like to work together on this. I don't know about other INFJs or Ni-users in general.
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    Ne: Balls to the wall
    Ni: Balls tucked in

    No, but seriously:

    Ne is described in a way that usually brings to mind a thread unraveling, stars being connected into greater and more complex constellations, a splash creating a ripple as well as a plume that rains droplets down creating more ripples, generating overlapping oscillations... this sort of reminds me of how the neurological underpinning of cogitation works, especially when novel information is perceived or ideas generated: neurons branch out and grow, dendrites expand outwards....

    ... this makes me consider that Ne is about "generating possibility"

    Whereas, Ni brings about a more zen unification of processes. Synchronicity. simultaneous alignment.... this makes me consider that Ni is about "harnessing possibility" that exists... or rather, maximizing the purpose of all present things for total relevance. It constructs a grand summation, giving rise to the sense of "inevitability" that is sometimes associated with Ni. Ni, afterall, tends to get associated with sage foresight, planning, timelines in general.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gossip Goat View Post
    Not sure how true this is but I saw that Ni would rather change THEIR perspective on something whereas Ne would try to change the environment to accomodate their perspective.
    Hm I could understand how this works, yeah. Though the degree would depend on the person's type/other functions involved ofc.

    When talking with an ENFP and ENTP friend of mine:

    I notice in deep conversations, I seem to dance around a concept or idea, trying to think of new ways at looking at one thing, but basically try to express some singular idea in the end that ideally accommodates all kinds of perspectives and values. Everything possible, probable, inevitable, forseen etc accounted for that I have gathered data about in the external, in real time (not from a vault of subjective experience). My own and any form of an other's closely personal beliefs and values about those ideas are accounted for but habitually take a backseat when trying to reach an end conclusion (Ni Fe Ti Se).

    Whereas, by contrast my ENFP friend seems to look at any one thing and extrapolate outwards, assume an extensive but free-flowing pattern based on what they know, learned, felt about said object, and blossom many probabilities and possibilities that may or may not actually occur, but sound good in accordance with their personal/a subject's value system and can objectively satisfy their/a given person/group's subjective opinions/values (Ne Fi Te Si).

    Now for my ENTP friend it seems less complex, as he seems to be 50/50 on what both me and the ENFP do. Only the differences are, he looks at a given subject/object and tries to expand on the possible events and implications that goes along with them, pulling from their internal logical framework or understanding of how reality is or is not, based on their own subjective experience, while trying to accommodate and maintain all objectively understood value(s)/ideas on them all the while (Ne Ti Fe Si).

    So in some sense, what you say about Ni trying to change their perspective to fit the environment, and Ne trying to change the environment to fit their perspective, is true. But there's a lot of dynamic and complexity involved between the other functions that it becomes less simple in that.
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    Great article! I was always fascinated by how similar yet so different those two functions are.
    That's what I really admire about INTJs. They are the mastermind. They have the ability to create a big decisive idea.

    That could be why I struggle with being assertivene. As an INFP I'm constantly lost. My train of thought just won't stop. It will always relate to something else that might seem completely irrelevant to others. Back then I thought everyone thinks this way, but then I realized I always mention things that people are too oblivious to see.

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    The way I see it.

    Ni/Ne : Perceiving functions, they are used to build a vision of the world. They don't make choices.

    > S is a situation perceived by the realm of sensation. But Ne/Ni aren't aware of it, they're focused on the possibility/ies.
    > The balls around the S are the "possibilities".
    > Ne sees random, impersonal, close possibilities. (the blue ones)
    If he wants to go further, he needs to use his introverted judging function to know WHICH possibility he wants to develop. And he'll have to do that for each single step. Making the process long and messy.

    > Ni sees one possibility that speaks to him personally (may it be consciously or unconsciously), and it's a very deep one. But he doesn't know how he got there.

    Little bonus about Ni-Ne cooperation, I made that for my INFJ-friend partner. :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynway View Post
    The way I see it.
    > Ne sees random, impersonal, close possibilities. (the blue ones)
    If he wants to go further, he needs to use his introverted judging function to know WHICH possibility he wants to develop. And he'll have to do that for each single step. Making the process long and messy.
    I agreed with everything but this. And then I looked at your type and saw INTP vs I am ENTP. My brain doesn't need to use Ti to go any further. I do use it that way when trying to solve a problem but if there is no focus my thoughts continue from one shiny object to the next. Sometimes I go in a sort of daze, zoning out leaping from point to point without any real direction....WAIT.

    Maybe I am comprehending your picture wrong. So I get sensing --> 3. But 3 --> 3a, 3b, etc I see two possiblities. This is what I'm thinking you meant. That:
    3= baseball and
    3a = how to bat
    3b= the proper way to throw
    3c= that should should throw to any base if there's 2 outs

    So the core 3 branches into decisions 3abc. Decisions are made by internal judging functions.

    What I was thinking first was:
    3a= that time I got hit in the face with a ball
    3b= we had to use a pitching machine when i played in middle school
    3c= that other time I don't have an example for.
    And i think all these in a split second and 3a is the most "shiny" so then I think
    ((3a=that time I got hit in the face with a ball))
    3a1= that second time I got hit with a ball
    3a1.1= I had to get surgery for my deviated septum from that
    Etc etc etc etc until I awake out of my aloof state.
    So I do more of this if I don't have a problem to solve (as I was kinda saying above).

    And see none of these are decisions. I'm using Ne to jump without a set purpose. I don't even know if you could use linear lines to describe Ne. Maybe giving a crayon to a child and asking them to scribble would be a good representation. At least from an ENTP perspective. Maybe your picture represents dom Ti and aux Ne? And a scribble represents dom Ne aux Ti?

    I guess my Ne is personal so impersonal must be because of inferior Fi.
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    @Lynway just noticed your post count. Welcome to the forum :) hope you like discussing haha

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