[BabyBoomers] Old people in old TV shows

Old people in old TV shows

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This is a discussion on Old people in old TV shows within the Baby Boomers Forum forums, part of the The Generations category; It's a little funny for me now to watch old TV shows knowing I'm older than those "old" people. I ...

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    Old people in old TV shows

    It's a little funny for me now to watch old TV shows knowing I'm older than those "old" people. I mean, I'm older than Ward Cleaver, Archie Bunker, Steve Douglas, the Skipper (Gilligan's Island) etc. Today my wife watched Happy Days, Little House on the Prairie & The Waltons & I thought "Dang, I don't remember those mom's being so pretty. How did I not see that before?" Getting old is sometimes amusing. Someday I'll be thinking "Look, Jed Clampett! Yeah, I remember when I was that young."

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    Thats funny, I always though Laura Petrie and Mrs Cunningham were pretty hot when I was 13.

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    And Helen Krump....oh man, yeah. LOL.
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    Slight offshoot, but I see something similar in young people. It seems as though when I was much younger there were very few that were attractive. Now they all look beautiful, thick shiny hair, tight skin it's almost as though specific features that peveiously defined the aesthetic have become incidental and overall youth in itself is attractive. I still don't see many of the men - Ward Cleaver, Gilligan or the Skipper as attractive, no matter how old I get.
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    I know what you mean. I do the same thing with movies. I can see Bogart in Casablanca and suddenly realize he was 20 years younger than I am today.

    I still love The Big Chill and it is hard to believe all the principal actors in that film are now playing senior citizens.
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    This thread is sort of depressing. But what the heck, getting older is better than the alternative.
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