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  1. Lady Soul Blade's Avatar
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    No problem!

    Indeed. It's the sort of butterfly effect idea, or the idea of karma. How the pattern of actions and reactions flows, and how our effect on others can affect us as well. This is a common idea in time travel too, how changing something in the past can affect the future. I think one great example of this is Stephen King's 11/22/63. Another, and more humorous, example of this is the movie Frequently Asked Questions about Time Travel.

    Very true. It's nice to know there are others out there with similar views, ideas, and deep souls. It can be difficult to find them, but definitely worth searching for! :)

    Indeed, the question of past and future is difficult for me to answer as well...

    On one hand, I have always been drawn to the past. I am an old soul. I am fascinated by the Medieval and Renaissance periods especially. I love swords, and have often been drawn to this old style of living. Simplicity, self-reliance, and an abundance of old castles and nature. I also am drawn to the connection that such living implicates- the idea of living without the distractions of cellphones and other such devices that often block intimate human interaction, liking really having a conversation and looking someone in the eyes.

    At the same time, I am also fascinated by the future. I have always been pretty future-oriented as well. I agree, we live in interesting and trying times. These divides are very apparent, and they make me sad as well. I would like to know what lies in our future, whether that be flying cars, colonizing Mars or other planets (I am down for space travel), war, or more of the same.

    I have always been pretty fascinated by the idea of a total collapse of society in the future as well. I doubt we will have a zombie apocalypse, but it is that kind of idea. It's unlikely, given how structured and large society has become. But it's not completely impossible that something could happen to cause a collapse of society as we know it, bringing with it a new, more simplistic and survival-oriented age. Honestly, though such a world would be much more harsh, the idea of it is kind of appealing to me. A more simple time, less people, and the people remaining having to form true bonds and connections. Maybe I will write another post about this at some point.

    Anyway, I agree. Time travel might be possible, but I doubt we will see it anytime soon. Though, it could be created without the general public knowing about it as well.

    True, science is such a neat concept! So much to learn there, and spanning so many different areas.

    I also am fascinated by these aspects of humanity as well. Such a world is possible, as you say. It's good to think about it ahead of time I think, and be prepared.

    Very cool! I don't write music professionally, but I do play around and create some of my own tunes. I mostly play by ear as well. What musical instrument do you play?

    Thank you! You seem like a very interesting person as well, I have enjoyed getting to talk with you. And thank you for the invitation, will do! :)
  2. Lady Soul Blade's Avatar
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    Thanks for the comment!

    I agree, I'd say not knowing the future is more exciting and interesting. One of the neatest things in life is having that feeling of "ah, now I see why this happened" and everything coming together.

    The unexpected can at times be stressful, but it can also push us forward and make for some wonderful surprises. It can also present us with challenges that push us to learn.

    Besides, if we knew what was going to happen, I suppose it would be like already living life, and having to do it all over again. And if we already knew what was going to happen, we might avoid certain situations that provide useful lessons and important character growth.

    It would be interesting to get glimpses, perhaps, into the future. Full of precognition would likely get old after a while. Though, the idea of vague yet strong intuitive... "pulls" would be kind of neat.

    No worries, I enjoyed reading your answer and found your perspective on this to be interesting. And that would be neat if you wrote a science fiction novel! Do let me know if you do. :D
  3. Rong Wong's Avatar
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    Life would become pretty boring if you could predict the future. Having mysteries to solve and not knowing what's going to happen next is what makes life interesting.

    I don't believe in psychic abilities, although it does make for good science fiction. What I do believe is that we can learn to become better guessers. By being observant and taking probabilities into account, we can increase the odds of making a good guess.

    An even better skill than being precognitive, is the ability to adapt and flow with life's ups and downs. To keep your target in your sights, and keep shooting at it until you hit it. Concentration and determination are the yogi's superpowers.

    Edit: apologies if you were looking for a more imaginative answer. Perhaps I'll write a science fiction novel one day. :)
  4. Euphoric Nocturne's Avatar
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    Hi, sorry for the late reply.

    I really enjoy it when there is much more to someone than meets the eye. It makes for an interesting journey in getting to know people. I also get amused when people are surprised about my interests, At times, I like to withhold certain aspects about myself and occasionally show parts of myself just to see how people would react. I've seen people react for example with (O_O What!? You're a gamer?) I got that a lot in high school.

    I really like how the concept of time travel has introduced me to the cause and effect and played to my conscientiousness. I always worried about how my actions affect others and how it may affect me in the future. A lot of the time, I too feel out of place and out of time. I learned to adapt as well, namely in how I communicate verbally and how diplomatic I am in my interactions with people. If it helps, know that there are people and places with people like us, it's just a matter of finding them. Like islands in a vast ocean or an oasis in a huge desert.

    Whether I could travel to either the past or the future, that is a hard one for me. The past is where a lot of my musical interests and childhood shows are located, so naturally I would like to relive those again. But I am also curious as to where humanity is headed. The way we are progressing with our technology is very impressive and I always wonder what they will think of next, perhaps hoverboards and commercially available flying cars? I would love to find out. I am also concerned with the direction humanity is heading, we are currently living in such a polarized environment, there are so many divides and so many reasons people will find to distance themselves from each other, it's saddening.

    You are correct in that time travel is theoretically possible, but not feasible given our current and near future technology. That's all I know about that.

    I do not work in any scientific capacity. I just find the whole subject to be as fascinating as it is diverse. So many things to learn about in this plane of existence and so much information on how things work. I grew up watching shows that were able to effectively communicate such topics to younger audiences, like Bill Nye the Science Guy and the Magic School Bus. Even now, there are people like Neil DeGrasse Tyson who serve the same function to spread knowledge and understanding to the general population.

    What fascinates me about dystopian stories is that they explore the darker aspects of humanity and help to remind me that such things are still very much a possibility. Certain themes are touched on today in ways that authors could only dream about. If you've read 1984, the telescreens were used to monitor citizens' activities at home. Remember when the X-Box One initially needed a camera and microphone to monitor users to function. State leaders in 1984 controlled how information is distributed to the population, controlling how history is perceived to suit their needs. We now have a President in real life who is actively trying to tell us that what is true is not true and vice versa.

    It's also nice to see that you are a fellow musician as well. Do you write your own songs?

    Anyways, I hope to see you more around here on the site, from what I've gathered of you, you seem like a very interesting person. If there was anything more you wanted to "nerd-out" on feel free to PM me or stop by my profile and leave a message. The INFP forum is welcoming of other types as well if you want to vent or have something on your mind. :)
  5. Lady Soul Blade's Avatar
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    Hey there, thanks for the comment!

    I know what you mean. I’d say most people probably wouldn’t be able to guess some of my interests just by looking at me. Our perceptions of people are interesting things, and often there is a lot more to someone than we might originally imagine.

    Ah yes, time travel is a very neat concept. I have often felt that I was born in the wrong time period, or even on the wrong planet, so I relate to this deeply. Though, I have learned to adapt to our strange and, at times, mundane world.

    If you could time travel, what time period would you want to visit? Past or future, if you had to choose? Think you’d want to stay there?

    And on another note, do you think time travel would be possible? I have heard people say that it is, but only one direction- forward, into the future. Interesting idea.

    And science is indeed a worthy pursuit! Do you work in the scientific field?

    Dystopian stories are definitely big for me too. And I agree, they have some pretty heavy and interesting concepts. I like to think about it, and what I would do if I lived in such a world. The idea of a world lacking freedom, individuality, and self-expression (common themes for these stories) is definitely not appealing.

    That’s very neat! I am always happy to run into a fellow nerd and gamer, and “nerd-out” as you accurately put it. I also enjoyed Mass Effect, Fallout, and Skyrim (I haven’t played the other Elder Scrolls games).

    Again, I agree about nerding-out. Always fun! And great to find others with similar interests. Thank you for sharing as well. :)
  6. Euphoric Nocturne's Avatar
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    Hello, just thought I would chime in though I happen to be an INFP.

    I would definitely say that I do have some nerdy interests, though my appearance would suggest otherwise.

    My favorite movie since when I was little is Back to the Future. Ever since then I was in love with the concept of time travel. Plus, the movie put forth the idea in my head that a scientist was someone worth looking up to as a hero, which is why I took to Doctor Who so well. I also like Star Trek, Stargate, and Star Wars, Harry Potter, the Lord of the Rings and most recently watched The Orville series.

    With books, I read all of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books, even the sequel that wasn't written by Douglas Adams. I also read 1984 in my spare time when I was in high school. So any well done dystopian stories are pretty high on my list. That book and its story stuck with me. It has themes that are so applicable to today, its actually scary just thinking about it.

    I've been playing video games for almost 25 years now, so I guess there's some nerd cred there. I really enjoyed the Metal Gear Solid Series, the Elder Scroll Series, Fallout, Grand Theft Auto, and Mass Effect and any good and engaging game that comes in between.

    I collected Pokemon cards when I was a kid even though I didn't know how to play the game. I also played Yugioh in high school and am currently playing Magic: The Gathering.

    Anyways, thanks for sharing, it's nice to have someone to nerd-out with every now and then.
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