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  1. INTPs - Let's go A-B-S-T-R-A-C-T !

    by , 05-31-2019 at 05:48 PM
    Share some of your most abstract thinking, and then let's see how far we can bring it. Just for fun (It can be crazy)

    An abstract concept is an idea that people can understand that has no physical form. The ability to identify, understand and communicate abstract concepts is a foundational element of human intelligence. It is a mistake to think that all abstract concepts aren't real as they can be documented with evidence.

    The following are illustrative examples of ...

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  2. Allergies! Large Mafia Game Thread

    by , 05-31-2019 at 12:25 AM
    Fixed final Day 1 Vote Count

    Red eyes? Pale skin? Dabbling in the dark arts, or just allergies? Hmmmit's definitely a stretch. No pressure to watch this or anything, just an amazing show.

    Dizzy (1) - Morfy
    Azure (1) - Bad Bunny
    King PLATYPUS (3) - Belzy, Azure, owner
    Pifanjr (1) - Tyche
    Owner of a lonely heart (5) - King PLatypus, pifanjr, thunal33, lawls, dizzy

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