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INFJ Poetry Thread

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by , 08-15-2019 at 03:25 PM (371 Views)
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Now I am green, and hard as a fist
but small.
A miracle! Where did I come from?
A flower.
the flower is gone now, and no one would have me.

But over many days,
perhaps months of days,
long bright hot days--

You will gaze on me,
and I will begin to blush.
I will blush and blush and blush
in the heat of Your gaze.

I will


and swell

and sweeten

throughout the long hot summer days
of Your love.

Should no one ever see me
or think to taste me,
You would, O Love!,
throw me to the ground
for the creatures,
the little ones,
who would carry me off
in their stomachs
where You would





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