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Dear <Subject Inserted>, Sincerely <Personality Type>

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by , 11-26-2017 at 03:35 PM (152 Views)
[QUOTE=BranchMonkey;39381394]Various Members of Church My Husband Attends,

Thank you for the warm welcome, the compliments on how good I look, all the smiles, hugs and other specific indicators you've missed me, would like to see me more often, and want what's best for me.

I enjoyed myself, and y'll could tell. From talking with you girls (you grew so much since I last saw you!), to seeing sweet baby Paxton (six-months-old) and with hair now--strawberry blond--nodding off to sleep in his grandmother's arms to wake up for a second and smile at me then back to nodding off, to letting a widower know with low words, hugs and more, "It's OK you're not feeling thankful today, and you knew I knew why without your having to say anything at all other than, "Well..." looking as though you wanted to be anywhere but there, but I told you and you knew it, "You're where you belong, it wouldn't do you any good to go be alone, look around at all the people who care, just let yourself be, no pressure," and you hugged me back tight and low, said, "Thank you," and more than once.

I was honest with you, "I'm not good with adults or groups but I'm awesome with children and people one-on-one," and you nodded, relief in so many eyes, then the kindness because I said, "All I can say is I'm sorry, I'm just not good with people... I'm amazed I'm sitting here at this table doing this well," and the laughter, then talking and the rest, everybody but me eating turkey and dressing and potatoes and desserts, and I didn't feel left out or odd at all.

I wrote on my index card as Jim asked us each to write one thing we were grateful for and he would collect the cards, hand them back at random for everyone to read at each table aloud, "I'm grateful for this church family for accepting me especially with my many flaws."

This Jew-girl who tried so hard for so long to become something I could never be: a born again or any kind of Christian, or even religious, but you know what? For the first time I didn't have what others call "baggage" in my way: You need it, and you get what you need from it, and I have helped and I've been helped by what we've done together and apart like giving food, clothing and other aid:

I belonged today, feeling no rancor, no need to distance myself, no sense of left-out.

And when my husband said it was time to go we went for our walk in the sun. He said, "It couldn't have gone any better than that," both relieved for himself and pleased for everyone who made easy room for me and how I did the same in my heart.

I think I can do this now: Come visit sometimes. I was very tired afterward but that's just this body that y'all say looks so good. Well, inside it's not holding up without a whole lot of daily work on my part but that's my business to attend to. Ours was "fellowship" and we each define what that means inside our own selves.

Thanks for helping me have a Happy Belated Thanksgiving. I don't have to hope, I know I helped many people do the same.

No signature needed, now.[/QUOTE]

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