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Death Comes For Us All...

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by , 10-08-2017 at 07:41 AM (191 Views)
[QUOTE=HallowedHydraNess;38469826]I have general anxiety disorder so I deal with sadness better--not to be confused with depression, e.g. our oldest (rescue) rat, Pickles is over two years old, which for a rat is great, and until two days ago, she hadn't had a Myco flare in months, great energy, reminded my husband and me of her young days, but bam! she woke up, moving slow, sneezing repeatedly, copious porphyrin, and when my husband held her that night he told me, 'She has a lump under her throat,' which I researched.

It could be a slow-growing tumor that just now has come to the surface; more likely it is from the Myco flare, but whatever it is, it doesn't bode well for her living a whole lot longer.

I feel sad about that, and yet it's natural, and she's had a great life--we've given her that great life by caring for her physically including superior nutrition--much of it home-made food, vegetables and fruits with a focus on anti-inflammatory foods... and by my socializing her to trust us, giving her lots of cuddling and affection. We took her on so she's been our responsibility--and we'll see her through till she leaves her body behind for us to dispose of, and adjust to life without her.

Anxiety, however? I grew up abused and neglected, get triggered often, so I'll take sadness over anxiety any day, although, unfortunately, I often have to face both at once, for prolonged periods of time. Taking practical steps and having courage--great combination--helps with all of life's difficulties.

Do you live in a country--or a culture within that country--that manifest fear of death by removing it as far away and as quickly as possible from you, e.g. in former times, and still, in certain countries or cultures within them, people sit with the dying, and watched funeral pyres burn up corpses.

The Irish used to have wakes and people sat with the corpses, singing, drinking, telling stories--often celebrating the person's life, including odd or funny aspects of his or character.

This made me wonder how many, if any, online--especially young persons--remember or have read of a time when it was not always like this, or better still, live in a way, among people, who do not distance themselves from 'aging, illness and death.'[/QUOTE]

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