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The Ghost is Back But Not For Long

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by , 08-03-2018 at 02:40 PM (558 Views)
[QUOTE=BranchMonkey;42575373]Interview questions for all MBTI types (let's talk about ourselves)
I'm in an inquisitive mood today and also need to fight some boredom, so I'm just gonna shoot all the questions I can come up with in the next 10 minutes. Everyone is invited to answer but keep your answers brief. I really don't want to read too much. The questions are completely random as they popped into my head. Feel free to skip any questions you don't want to answer.

I'm putting this here because I want to see how different types answer the questions and if there's any sort of similarity or difference between people of different types and what they pick.

Mention your type: [B]INFJ[/B]

Pick One (the one you'd do more than 5 times out of 10 given the chance):

Country Club or Beach?
[B]Ocean which isn’t the same as Beach: Watching the tides coming in, going out; watching the light play on the water; smelling the seaweed, etcetera.[/B]

Sunset or Sunrise?
[B]I’m not a morning person but if I were, I’d prefer sunrise; someday, perhaps when I’m old as so many old relatives got up early because they could no longer stand the bed, or in some cases, sitting up dozing in a recliner, then it will be sunrise, certainly.[/B]

Conversation about politics or your day at work?
[B]Neither. I work alone, undisturbed, and if I have anything to say when interrupted it is “Didn’t you see the Do Not Disturb Sign, yes; ok, then.”[/B]

Hosting a party or going to a party?
[B]Neither. My husband would host at our flat and I would sit somewhere talking with one other person, four would be the maximum, and those in attendance carefully chosen.[/B]

Golf or Baseball?
[B]Neither. Try women’s basketball; try indoor or outdoor soccer played by either sex as long as they’re exciting to watch; otherwise, no thanks to any spectator sport.[/B]

TV or Radio?
[B]Neither. I haven’t willingly watched tee vee since the 90s when my son was living with us. I haven’t willingly listened to the radio since I was 20ish, only when I drove, and I switched stations frequently or clicked the purveyor of pseudo events off.[/B]

Do you ever leave your home without your cell phone?
[B]I’ve finally gotten into the habit of usually taking it with me yet still often forgetting I have it in my backpack. [/B]

Who's the better leader: Obama or Martin King?
[B]Depends on what’s being led. A march against Jim Crow or something similar: King. A leader whose voice is well-modulated; suit immaculate; has a wife who’ll brook no affairs and can play with many hot topics without getting burned, i.e. a human pancake turner: Obama.[/B]

Favorite quote?
[B]“A” favorite: Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.[/B]

Relaxing Trip, or jam-packed with activities?
[B]Relaxing Trip, which if I were __as I am not, an ESFP or such could be both relaxing and jam-packed.[/B]

Carefully planned vacation, or just do whatever you feel like?
[B]Carefully planned with enough sense to know wrenches__monkey or other__get thrown in any mix, so doing “whatever I feel like” is a lovely antidote.[/B]

Would you pirate?
[B]Johnny Depp is better at it.[/B]

Government, or no Government?
[B]Anyone who thinks or truly believes “no” government is possible shouldn’t be allowed to join any social circle, no matter how small.[/B]

What current law do you disagree with the most and want to be repealed?
[B]Mandatory seat belts: Rubs against my clavicle—the left one, specifically. [/B]

How many different countries have you been to?

What countries would you never live in?
[B]Too many to list; so let’s just say America with all its flaws is home enough.[/B]

Do you like the country you currently live in?
[B]See above.[/B]

What is the current status of your employment?
[B]I wasn’t aware employment could have a status outside of what one gives it in social circumstances. [/B]

Impulse buyer, or careful planner?
[B]Careful planner; I enjoy the research, price comparison, getting the best item for a reasonable fee; I also enjoy paying an unreasonable price—if it’s to my benefit.[/B]

Frugal or Spendthrift?

Is it reasonable for employers to ask questions relating to mental health?
[B]It seems odd asking about whether one has a mental disorder “after” a person has been hired. It would be logical, however—if pertinent to the position (and legal) to ask beforehand. Better still to investigate before a contract has been exchanged, risk incurred, etcetera. [/B]

Most high stakes law (something that comes with a punishment of 10 years or more) would you break if you could get away with it?
[B]Some “high stakes law” does not count higher than natural or organic law, i.e. I would break no "high stakes" law.[/B]

Is the universe real, or is reality simulated?
[B]This question conflates matter which is (for convenience’s sake) let’s say “solid” and “reality” which is being used here (as I read it) synonymous with perception.[/B]

Shorts or Jorts?
[B]I’m relieved to write that I have no idea what Jorts are; I’m fairly confident, however, I’d choose cargo shorts: Lots of pockets for orderly what I carrying with me to, say, the library.[/B]

Denim or Suede?
[B]Denim for jeans; blue suede shoes for attending an Elvis Impersonation concert.[/B]

Superheroes (modern ones), or Action Heroes (ala 90's)?
[B]I rolled my eyes at cartoons when I was five.[/B]

Tea or Coffee?

Eminem or Justin Beiber?
[B]Remember how I rolled my eyes at cartoons? Same response to this question.[/B]

Flashy car, or just a clunker that gets you from point A to B?
[B]Point A to B, keep the flash regardless of whether the vehicle ran smooth or needed new shocks. [/B]

Driving fast and reckless, or slow and steady?
[B]1) Steady 2) Slow if near a school; faster if elsewhere.[/B]

Museum or Water Park?
[B]Neither. I’ll go with a Nature Preserve, old and new growth, benches, alone or with one well-seasoned companion—homo sapien, perhaps canine—preferably a Rottie I trained. [/B]

Is the claim that zoos and Seaworld are good for bridging the gap between humans and animals a good enough justification to have them?
[B]To some persons, sure. For myself, I prefer longitudinal studies done by those without biased backing, and as that’s hard to come by I fall back on research that I’ve conducted as well as experiences of my own.
Zoos aren’t for “bridging the gap...”

Check out Jane Goodall, Louis Leaky and the old Gambi National Park, others like it. Those did a fair job of bridging the gap between the desires of humans and the needs of certain animals. Zoos are, to my mind, the equivalent of warehousing working parents’ children in YMCAs and the like. [/B]

What would you do if your life could be extended by another 100 years?
[B]Decline to take the necessary steps to extend it.[/B]

What would you do if your life could be extended by another 100 years at the expense of a homeless man?
[B]See above.[/B]

Does your answer change if it's at the expense of someone more valuable to society?
[B]Too broad of a question to answer definitively; therefore I won’t answer it.[/B]

Thank you for answering.
[B]Thanks for being bored enough to ask the questions.

I’m working on a lengthy writing project and back at PerC for a break from it and other strains of the day. (I saw this question in my email’s spam folder.)[/B]

[spoiler] To friends who've wondered where I've been and may or may not have sent a message that reached me, albeit not long go: I'm working, very focused, and haven't time nor inclination to spend here until the project is wrapped. As I've no idea when that will be, hi... and pass the hello on to anyone who think would enjoy it. Peace to you all. [/spoiler][/QUOTE]

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  1. jpl8's Avatar
    I'm am iSFP (I suppose) :-D
    1. Beach/ocean. Love the sound and smells
    2. Sunrise. The day is still quiet and the energy of the day hasn't ramped up yet
    3. Work/politics conversation - me neither
    4. Party- neither. However, if at a party I would move around the room making polite shallow friendly banter with many until I found someone interesting to talk with
    5. Baseball - it's not fast moving but once I understood the strategies involved I do enjoy it
    6. TV or Radio? Radio. Though now I listen mainly to podcasts
    7. Do you ever leave your home without your cell phone?*- yes sometimes
    8. Who's the better leader: Obama or Martin King? King
    9. Relaxing Trip, or jam-packed with activities?* Relaxing
    10. Carefully planned vacation, or just do whatever you feel like? Definitely whatever
    11. Mandatory seat belts: Rubs against my clavicle—the left one, specifically.*. LOL :-)
    12. Impulse buyer, or careful planner?*. Unfortunately I research extensively then STILL buy impulsively! :0
    13. Frugal or Spendthrift?*
    14. Flashy car, or just a clunker that gets you from point A to B? Point A to B - with no grief
    Driving fast and reckless, or slow and steady?* Slow and steady
    16 Museum or Water Park?*
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