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  1. The Ghost is Back But Not For Long

    by , 08-03-2018 at 03:40 PM
    [QUOTE=BranchMonkey;42575373]Interview questions for all MBTI types (let's talk about ourselves)
    I'm in an inquisitive mood today and also need to fight some boredom, so I'm just gonna shoot all the questions I can come up with in the next 10 minutes. Everyone is invited to answer but keep your answers brief. I really don't want to read too much. The questions are completely random as they popped into my head. Feel free to skip any questions you don't want to answer.

    I'm ...
  2. What are you thinking about?

    by , 03-26-2018 at 09:53 PM
    [QUOTE=BranchMonkey;41400393]How quickly life gives change-ups.

    When we moved to this small town, the first person who befriended us--aside from those who were friendly at the extended stay hotel--was a young woman named Beth.

    We saw her now and then when I went to a fast food place to get a chicken salad. She worked there. Always welcoming, lively, upbeat no matter what.

    When my husband and I started going to a non-denominational church, beginning with ...
    Tags: death, g-d, grief, life, prayer
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  3. How are you today?

    by , 03-26-2018 at 07:40 PM
    [QUOTE=BranchMonkey;41398713]Really good day, mellow night, which after two back-to-back viruses is extra \ (◡) /[/QUOTE]
  4. Have You Ever? Game

    by , 03-26-2018 at 06:51 PM
    [QUOTE=BranchMonkey;41398145]Do you know anyone who does things like sit down to eat, decide to check the mail or something, and wanders back to the table hours later surprised he didn't finish his meal? If so, does your mind go to the person and motivation or stop at "Oh, he's an ---- MBT so that explains it"?

    [QUOTE=WarMoose9;41397433]Yes. I am one of these people. And when I see this happen my mind goes straight to mbti

    Have you ever woke up in ...
  5. Answer random question above you....=D

    by , 03-22-2018 at 09:38 PM
    [QUOTE=BranchMonkey;41332913][QUOTE=LaUnaQuieta;41332673]Hahaha the same thing has happened to me! Once on a road trip with friends, I was sitting in the back seat lost in thought, and I guess I hadn't said a word for about an hour, because our driver briefly panicked thinking he had left me behind! :laughing:

    @BranchMonkey I love your questions! I have always wanted to plant a large-scale vegetable garden and make it very orderly and elaborate, ...
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