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ESTP jealous??

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by , 10-21-2018 at 06:42 AM (310 Views)
Hello there!
As my nickname says, yea! I'm an ENFP woooo

well... I'm actually quite confused about my situation with an ESTP. So if you don't mind to give me some advise?

First of all, I would say my situation with this ESTP has been quite weird for two years. Nope, we didn't date or anything, but he has flirted with me and stuff (but we didn't at the end, that's another story tho)

So well.. College started, and we were getting close to each other, and we felt quite confortable. Till last week, I was still confused about our situation, but on wednesday and thursday happened two thinggs that.. wow, i mean, HE DEFINITELY LIKES ME! He was trying all the time to be with me and talk, and also playing with me (taking my notes and stuff :v) and.. he worries about me.

But on friday happened something weird..
The day started as always but, when we finally were alone talking, another girl appeared (someone I don't like .. 7.7 i mean, i dont like the way she acts in general - not talking about being jealous or not eh?) so well, she excluded me from the conversation, so I went to talk to another guy that is in another class with me.

I was feeling quite sad about not talking with ESTP, as i was going to ask him to hang out together one day... so i tried to cheer up talking with this guy (so i was talking in an enthusiastic way). After that, ESTP started acting.. a bit weird. I mean, he didnt even said bye to me, as he always does, even if it is a little hit in my arm. He passed twice next to me and said nothing, and the first time he passed he said bye to the other girl (the one he talked to) and me.. nothing.

As I was feeling bad, i decided to send him a message and ask him to hang out in WhatsApp, and he accepted! But still.. when i talked to him today i still find him weird.. more distant in some way.

I dont know what to do.. i dont even know what happened.. pls help..

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