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by , 10-13-2019 at 07:50 PM (334 Views)
In somnis veritas, in dreams there is truth. It is a sentiment I believe and grew quite attached to. The subtlety of its meaning, crafted imaginative yet realistic truth of dreams and could be subjectively and flexibly reflected upon. At some point even, it is mysterious in its own way. This phrase somewhat renders one to ponder, if not applicable literally. I see this as an unending mystery that unfolds through dreams and relatively, the truth of whatever that comes close to each personís encounter or experience. Though could be fully or partially uncomprehendable, it could easily and expandably adaptable. A mental quote, to some it may be a spiritual or soulful one, I dwell in it as a blend of heart and mind, sense and sensibility. It could be fate or destiny in its more spontaneous nature.

Dreams as a whole could be interpreted as two main entities, the realistic goal and the much more wishful subconsciousness at work. To explain the whole branches that depicts the full story of dreams, may take days or weeks, or even a decade for that matter, but hey, ease up, this is no text book of any kind.

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