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Rant thoughts.

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by , 02-27-2016 at 11:51 PM (172 Views)
I always feel lost and disconnected from the world. I can't connect with others on an emtional level. Just their thoughts,sometimes. I comprehend them,and then get sad in the end. But after times and times of thinking,i realized that, it's my insecurities talking. Hard to breath,difficulty in explaining myself. Will they understand me? Will they care about this as much as i do? Why do i care so much? I thought i was emotionally detached? I thought i was the most intellectually sane person around. If i'm right,then there's no reason to be scared,right? It's funny how people could keep being brave,confident in the mist of this crazy sh*t. Why can't i be like them, stop focusing on the wrong and start focusing on what is right? I thought i was this idealist, full of love,hope. That gives me more reason to be on the right frame of mind,right? What about the dream of becoming an intelligent and helpful person,i can't do it if i keep pitying on myself. But,is there such a way,stop pitying and accepting yourself for what you are? The world may not give a shjt, but, i have to be that one. I have and need to become my own prince,saving myself before i fall apart. Right?

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