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Dragon Heart: Deadly Desolation and Your Reviving Touch

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by , 06-25-2019 at 04:22 AM (130 Views)


"I am a lover and a fighter; I fight for those I love."

I remembered that insatiable appetite for depth in love and understanding that was always there, like a sleeping dragon...but why should the dragon slumber when it can defend and protect you? Come closer, be vulnerable to me. Revive me with the gentle warmth that is in your touch. It has always been the soft and delicate tenderness that soothes my rage and stirs my heart the most. If you are harmless, don't be intimidated; my jaws will never close around you. I only cause deliberate harm when my aim is to protect. When you are covered in the ice of winter's cold, remember my fire and draw near to me. Let it engulf the ice and melt you to your very soul. Give me all of you, every part; let my eyes behold the shimmering beauty, the sensitive wounds, the decomposing remnants you struggle to bury. I am a shield, my skin is made of resilient scales when it is in service of those I love; let me guard your life from destruction. When war seeks to scorch your life to ashes I will fiercely and passionately devour those flames whole; I was born in fire, and so I became a creature of it. I can foresee nothing in our future that will be as the hell I already conquered in my past. They say fight fire with fire...every flame is inferior to mine, if only your love will be the fuel it requires. Even if the fight is against my shadow self, if you will only love me with passion and sincerity, I will easily conquer. Let the wars come; I will destroy them all. My thresholds are high, my spirit is enduring...yet, this is exactly the reason I refuse to protect you in a way that diminishes your own strength to fight. Support is one thing, and an unhealthy dependency is another. Without experiences your own thresholds will be lower. I am strengthened by the presence of those who are in my care; let me also strengthen you as you fight. Let love destroy all walls and boundaries between us, let light elucidate even the darkest parts of you, that I may explore the most intimate crevices of your mind and heart. I will no longer fear your imperfections, they only prove you're human. I will not forcefully penetrate your boundaries, I respect you; therefore I anxiously crave and wait for you to embrace me from your core and pull me through to you. Give yourself to me, feed my insatiable appetite for your love, let me consume you with fierce affection. Never leave or abandon me...without your love my existence is a barren and desolate wasteland, my chest is emptied as I decay into a pile of bones. Animate me with the sense of purpose I derive from your love and I will be as a fearsome ally to you and foe to our enemies, as a relentless and scale-armored fire-breathing dragon whose meaning in life is to protect us both.


Eat me up, swallow me alive
Open those enormous jaws and let me glide
Glide down your throat, swallow me whole
Let me inside and take me into the unknown

Eat me up, swallow me alive
Open your enormous maw and let me dive
Dive into your soul, swallow me whole
Let us collide and we will never be alone

Let me in, let me in
Let me under your skin
Let me in, let me in
I want to see it all
I want to know everything

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