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Drawn to Astral Art

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by , 05-18-2019 at 07:54 PM (117 Views)
I've found I have this powerful draw to astral artworks. I love the stars, the moon, and the night sky anyway.... But there is something so profound and beautiful about this kind of art, and what is conveys and captures within.

I had someone tell me that the first two, with astronauts, gave them a feeling of isolation or loneliness. I don't what you will feel, but to me it gave me feelings of freedom and wonder. A sense of being able to let go, but also that there was great purpose and adventure ahead.

And being the love-enthusiast that I am, the last three images really got me. I think they capture that soulmate bond that resonates on that deeper, almost spiritual level.

I do not own these artworks, nor do I know the original artists (though a few are signed). But such beautiful works deserved to be shared, and these are some of my all-time favorites.






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